Sunday, February 22, 2009

Soccer Season

So Dad is in the middle of soccer season and I must say that it has been pretty nice because Austin and I try to make it out to Daddy's soccer game once a week if we can especially if the weather is nice.  Austin loves to be outside and loves to people watch so it is perfect!  Dad can even sometimes spend some time with us after his game before varsity plays.  Austin sometimes even gets to play with his friend Carson from school because his mom is a soccer coach also.  

Austin the Mechanic...

Just wanted to post these pictures because I thought they were cute.  The first picture is Austin checking his tire pressure and the second picture is Austin standing by his car getting ready to go for a cruise.  Isn't he getting so big?

Austin has been playing us...

We spent Valentine's Day this year with some of our friends from Lamaze class who also have a little boy who is a month younger than Austin.  We went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and then when we got home Kasi gave Chance his bottle.  Let me back up and say that Austin had never held his own bottle Chance is sitting on our title floor in the kitchen and David calls me over to look at him because he sitting holding and drinking his own bottle.  That was Saturday...Sunday we decided that Austin was going to start holding his own bottle.  I laid Austin down and put his hands on his bottle and that was it.  It was like he knew how to do it the whole time.  Little booger!  Actually I will use the excuse that he just wanted us to hold him because he loves being with his mom and dad.  Haha.  It is amazing how much Austin has grown up since he was born.  Lately it really seems like when he wakes up from a nap he is bigger.  Pretty soon he will be running around outside telling us he is going to his friends house.  It sort of makes me sad how fast he is growing up but I guess that just means our role as parents begins to change from being the provider and doing everything for him to the teacher and teaching him how to do things and letting him learn about his world.  Both roles are rewarding but I must admit the times where they sleep on your chest or fall asleep in your arms are some of my favorite memories.  There are some night still where he falls asleep drinking his bottle and I just hold him a little longer before putting him in his crib because you just want to stare at the miracle GOD brought into your life that you love more than anything in the world.

Austin Goes for a Crawl (Walk)

Austin has been all over the place lately and I am sure will be walking before we are ready.  Right now he is sitting somewhere playing with a toy and you turn around and he has traveled clear across the room.  It would be nice if he had a little beeper on him because sometimes you don't know where he is because he is quiet (which means he is getting into something he has never gotten into before or he is getting into something he shouldn't be).  Earlier this week we went for a walk around the neighborhood while Dad went to get some dinner and when we got back I decided to let him sit in the yard while I fixed our tree that got blown over during Ike.  Austin decided that he wanted to go for his own walk and crawled across the drive way and  started going down the sidewalk.  It was very cute because he turned right when he got to the sidewalk and did not go straight into the road.  He is so smart!  Haha.