Friday, November 21, 2008

Look at my muscles!!

From the day Austin was born he was strong.  He was always trying to lift his head so that he could see everything that was going on.  He is very much like his dad in that he can't just relax.  It has been very fun watching him though as he has gone through all of his different stages.  Right now he is wanting to get into everything.  If you have something in your hand he wants it.  If you have something new that he has never seen then he REALLY wants it.  He has been spinning himself around on his bottom for awhile now while he is sitting up and has also lately started doing some "push ups" in his attempts to learn how to crawl.  I try to get a picture when he does it and tonight he finally did a great push up and held it for me to snap a photo of him.  He also wanted me to get a picture of him making his motor boat noise at the same time so that is what he is doing with his face. (We can't always be making our adorable smile...sometimes we have to be a boy and make motor boat noises.) What are we going to do with him?  He is seven months old and already training to be some type of athlete...hey maybe we can get a scholarship one day?  Wouldn't that be nice?  Hopefully he keeps up his hard work and curiosity to learn as he gets older. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Austin's Auto Lesson

So yesterday was not the best day I have ever had because it was a rough day at work. It was all better though when I went and picked up Austin and got to play with him the rest of the evening. I guess my luck however hadn't turned yet because this morning when I went to drive to work I noticed that I had a flat tire. Luckily Austin and I were still in the neighborhood so we turned around and pulled in the garage since it was raining so that I could fix the flat. I called David to see if he could come home to help but he had a meeting that he could not get out of so he called his brother. While Austin and I were waiting for Uncle Mike I began to try to figure out how to jack up the car. After 20 minutes of figuring that out (and I was thinking that was going to be the hardest part...boy was I wrong) I began to jack the car up. Austin was sitting in his car seat and was getting a little hungry because he normally has had his bottle because he is normally at his school by this time so I held the bottle for him and continued jacking up the car hence where I feel the need to be called Super Mom...haha.  I really wish that someone could have seen the two of us because we would have been a sight to see.  So after I got the car jacked up I worked on getting the nut bolts off.  OH MY GOSH are those suckers on there!  My whole body was shaking trying to get them off and my legs the whole day felt like jell-o.  Uncle Mike got to our house right as I am loosing the last nut bolt so I let him finish the job while I went inside and changed shirts since I had a workout first thing in the morning.  When we were finished I made sure to ask Austin if he was paying attention because he got his first lesson in how to change a flat tire.  I explained to him that you are really supposed to have a hands on experience but we were going to start small.  I then dropped Austin off at his school and still made it to work before the kiddos were in the classroom.  I made a pit stop by my AP's office to apologize for my outfit and explain why I was dressed in our field day t-shirt.  She didn't care and just kind of laughed at me.  You would think that starting your day off with a flat would have ruined my entire day but instead I was all giddy and excited because I was so proud of myself...haha. (I chose to add to the post the picture of Austin in his car walker because I felt it was fitting to the post of learning how to fix a flat tire on a car.  Haha.)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Football Season

Well Austin has had some ups and downs this football season so far.  We have been cheering for the Longhorns and the Highlanders.  The Longhorns have had a good season especially with the big win over OU but had a heartbreaker against Tech.  I believe we lost that game because we went to the Highlander game that afternoon and a Raider touched Austin (Don't tell Dad because he doesn't know) because he is just so cute.  I think we would have won if we didn't get Raider cooties on us.  Austin and I didn't go to many Highlander games because they play so late and it is during Austin's bedtime but last weekend they played an afternoon game on Saturday so Austin and I went.  Towards the end of the game we got to go on the field because we are VIP's...haha.  It helps when Grandpa is the principal.  Austin had a good time and loved watching the big boys play ball.  It doesn't hurt to train them early to love football!!  Haha.   

Having a baby is PRICELESS...

So today Austin, David, and I went to get our pictures done so that we can send out Christmas cards.  We also wanted to get pictures of just Austin for his 6 month portraits to have.  I had a coupon for a bunch of pictures for ten bucks but of course when you get there and see all the cute pictures you want them all and then you are getting more than the coupon covers.  So the lesson that we learned today is go into a picture place with a budget and stick to it...haha.  We love all the pictures that we bought but now we have millions so guess what everyone's Christmas present will be....haha.  It is amazing how much you spend without even thinking about it because you know it will make Austin happy.  Granted a million pictures will not make Austin happy but it makes mommy and daddy happy because we will have pictures to remember him at this age.  Every time I am out somewhere I always end up picking up a little something for Austin.  It may be another package of paci's, a book, a new toy, or any old thing but it's what I do.  Before Austin was born it would be a little something for dad...a football magazine, a favorite snack, or a card that just says I love you.  I still sometimes get little somethings for Dad but always get little somethings for Austin.  Maybe it is because Austin gives great grins and hugs...haha.  It will be nice when baby number two comes because we will have already bought everything and won't be spending money as much as we do now on our little man.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Family Pictures

Last Sunday, November 2, we went to a park in the Woodlands to take family pictures with David's family.  They hadn't taken a family photo since David was a senior in high school so since Austin is now here is was very important that we get a recent family picture.  Austin was very good and of course extremely cute!  David, Austin, and I are going to take our Christmas picture this Sunday so I am hoping that we can have another good photo experience.  I might have to tell Austin that Santa is watching him so he better be good.  Haha.  I say that but really Austin is always good.  I am not just saying that as a bragging and proud momma because others would agree.  I guess GOD really does bless people and I am not sure why he chose David and I with the perfect son but we do feel blessed and very grateful.  Austin still makes me want to have 100's of babies.  Haha.  I still absolutely love being a mom and can't imagine my life any different now!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Austin got to have a playdate on Saturday with his friend Caiden.  Caiden was trying to teach Austin how to crawl.  It has been so fun having other babies to play with and watch grow up too.  We get to play with our friends at school but it is nice to get to see our other friends on the weekends too even if they aren't longhorns!  Haha.  


Austin celebrated his first Halloween this year and because it was a first we had two costumes.  I had originally bought a skeleton onezie and was just going to dress him in that but after some encouragement from many friends I broke down and got him what they would call a "real" costume...haha.  I have to admit though I am glad that I did because he was a super cute shark.  I was hoping that he would be able to help me pass out candy since daddy had to work but instead he decided that he wanted to take his evening nap and make me do all the work...haha.  So I was handing out heaps of candy to the kids and they would leave our house shouting, "She hands out lots of candy!"  Haha.  I told them I had to get rid of all of it or else I would eat it and that would not be a good thing.  When Austin woke up we ate some dinner, played some more, took a bath, read some books, and then went to bed.  It was a very good first Halloween!