Friday, August 3, 2012

I Hope I Remember...

Beware this post is coming from a momma whose got emotions running crazy. Haha! I hope I remember these moments we experience on the simplest of days and nights.

Moment One- going out with Amelia and everyone looking and smiling because she's the cutest baby around and usually greets people with her contagious smile.

Moment Two- my boys giving me hugs and kisses before they go out for errands with daddy

Moment Three- calling in to check on the outing my boys are on and hearing Austin get excited through the phone about clothes daddy is showing him and buying him for school

Moment Four- Hunter seeing a bobo on my toe and asking if it needs a kiss and then kissing it to make it all better

Moment Five- going to dinner just us and sitting across from the man I love more than anything and looking at our three blessings and feeling overwhelmingly blessed

Moment Six- being proud parents for getting compliments from strangers about our three children and how well behaved they are

Moment Seven- Austin requesting to have his prayer book to "read" on his own after tucking him in and later checking on him and see he's fallen asleep curled up with his book.

It's on these simple days I feel the most blessed. I can't imagine my life without these four blessings God has brought into my life and shown me what it means to love. Thank you doesn't seem like enough but maybe if I continue to say thank you daily like I do He will understand.

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