Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

It is hard to believe that this was Austin's third Christmas and was exciting to celebrate Hunter's first. This is my favorite time of year and I think it is because of all the memories I have as a kid and wanting to share those with my boys. We celebrated at our house this year and enjoyed spending the day with our families!

Some of my favorite memories of the season:
Austin waking up every morning and looking for "B" (his elf).
Making cookies for Santa with Austin while Hunter sat on the counter and watched.
Watching David and Austin make reindeer food and put it in the yard.

Here are just a few pictures of Christmas 2010-
Leaving cookies for Santa...
Headed out to put the reindeer food in the front yard.
Christmas morning in our pajamas. Austin had to have the drill in every picture :)
Standing by the cool work bench Santa brought.
Austin loved the swingset from our parents!
Look at me! I'm way up high!
Time for silly faces!
Big Christmas smile!
Family Picture in front of our tree. (Again Austin not really wanting to do this.)
Group picture...after Austin screaming and forcing Mike to stop playing the hunting game he got David. Needless to say I think it turned out okay.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Santa's Wonderland

Over the Thanksgiving break David and I took the boys to Santa's Wonderland and I must say it will be a trip we will never forget. If you have never been I highly recommend going. We plan on going again this year before Christmas is here we loved it so much. Austin loved the petting zoo, the pony ride, talking and visiting with Santa, and going on the hayride through the lights. I think next year Hunter will have as much fun as Austin did this year since he has learned from his brother what to do :)

The entrance! (iPhone picture taken from the road.)
Walking in...we had no idea how amazing our night as a family was going to be! (iPhone picture)
Right as we walked in it started "snowing". It was like a scene out of a movie.
Perfect! Austin and Hunted loved it!
Austin loving the "snow" and trying to catch it!
(Hunter is watching all the other kids act crazy. Haha!)
Austin and Mommy cheesing on the hayride! (Hunter getting sleepy.)
Family Photo on the hayride!
The reason for the season...(part one of iPhone picture)
The reason for the season (part two of iPhone picture)!
A tunnel you ride through... (iPhone picture)
Reindeer Flight School (iPhone picture)
Everything is bigger and better in Texas! (iPhone picture)
Texas Longhorns in College Station! Hook em! (iPhone picture)

Christmas Card 2010

I can't wait for these to come in the mail! I only made 12 different ones. Haha! I had three that I really liked and David made the final decision. I must say I really like the one he picked but how could I not. It has pictures of the three greatest gifts in my life! Enjoy the preview.

Scarlet Stars Christmas
View the entire collection of cards.