Sunday, March 18, 2012

A letter to our baby

Dear Baby Growing Inside Me,

I can't wait to meet you and call you by name! We finally have decided what your name will be. Well if you're a girl we've known that for a long time you'll be Amelia Kay. Amelia is my middle name and your Nana's first name. Kay is your KayKay's middle name which is why your brothers call her KayKay. If you're a boy we've decided on Andrew "Drew" David. Andrew is your Uncle Mike's middle name and we will call you Drew as I've liked that name for awhile. David is your daddy's first name but you probably already knew that.
So you've taken me on a different journey this time and caused me to have some symptoms I never experienced before so I'm not sure if it's because you're our third baby or if you're a girl. Everyone (well most people) think you're a girl. Sorry of you a boy. Good thing the name Andrew means manly :). You can take stuff like that.
If you are a boy I feel so prepared as you already have two older brothers. They continue to teach me stuff everyday but I feel like I've learned what to do as a mother of boys. I love being a mom to boys and when asked if I'd be okay with another one I say YES! Boys are full of energy and so much fun. Plus they love their mommas :)
If you're a girl I'm going to be honest and say it makes me nervous. Why?? Well if we are being honest I just bought myself a purse the other day so if you are a girl you'd be born into the world with your mom owning a purse as I never have. I know I'd be scared too. It'll be okay though. We will teach each other lots of things like how to put on make-up as I don't wear much of that either...sorry! How to pick out clothes and be fashionable...I think I'll (and your grandparents) will have you covered in the beginning but as you grow up we will have to help each other as my favorite thing to wear is jeans or sweats with a t-shirt. Again I apologize!
My biggest fear if you want to call it that though is teaching you how to become a woman. With your brothers I feel like my job is to teach them about life and how to love but they will look to your dad on how to be a man. If you are a girl, I'm your role model. I like to think I'm a great woman but I'm still figuring things out myself. So if you're a girl try to take it easy on me as I'll be doing many things for the first time.
Like today finally ordering what you'd wear in the hospital. It's only taken me months because I just wasn't sure what to get. We decided you'd wear "longhorn" stuff like your brothers.

Hat will be Longhorn orange with a white flower

Shoes will be Longhorn orange with a white flower

As for your clothes that's still to be decided. I may try to make something. I am crafty which is one girl quality I have. I just need to see if I have enough time or I may end up buying or ordering something.
If you're a boy like your brothers you'll wear what they did. We just have to find it in all the boy things we have. You'll look something like this though...

So my prediction is that you're going to be a little early so we will see. In the mean time, I'll enjoy your kicks and "rolls" in my belly and getting to hear your heartbeat at our appointments. Keep growing and we will meet soon!! I love you!!
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Daddy is our Hero!

I'm not sure what the boys would do without their daddy. There's just something about dads. They can throw the baseball better, teach you cool things like how to ride your bike up the lip of the driveway, play "gun fights" with nerf guns, teach you how to play football, take you to cool places like Lowe's, how to mow the yard and will pick up snakes...well baby dead ones. Haha! I think the boys think daddy is their hero! Especially these days as I've been having to watch from the sidelines. I like to think it prepares them for when mommy is busy taking care of the baby but I think even so daddy would get picked over me...I mean daddy's are super heroes right?

Love when daddy takes me flying...

I always have to say again! -Hunter

Bike rides are always fun...

Especially when we get to go far!

Did I mention we have "gun fights" in our house?

Don't forget you're not afraid of anything with daddy! Or when your little brother will try it first. -Austin (Yes that's a dead snake.)

Gotta look cool like daddy so sometimes I walk with my hands in my pocket. -Hunter

Did I mention my daddy has the coolest job ever? He's a coach and I get to go to his games. -Austin

One day I'm going to be just like him! -Austin

Daddy says after a hard days work in the yard and you get dirty it's time to hit the showers. -Hunter

And the best way to end the day is in his arms. We love our daddy! He is our hero!

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Water Balloon "Fights"

I've loved this Spring Break! The boys are now old enough that they really love and can entertain and make each other laugh. It's so sweet to see. One thing they've done over the break Is have water balloon fights.

Quick picture before the games begin...

Chasing after daddy...

Day 2 of water balloons. Another quick picture...moms can be so camera crazy :)

Daddy filled up a bucket for each of the boys! Hunter goes through them a little quicker as Austin uses strategy before he plans his attacks.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Nap time or play time?

Not sure about your house but what does this look like to you...

Well today in our house it was nap time. Proof he's under all that stuff...

And proof he's asleep...

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