Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Lord's Prayer

We've started something new with the boys at night. For about a week we've truly had a bedtime routine. We do bath and right afterwards we read books in their bed. Then we kneel at the end of their bed and say our prayers. The past few days we've tried to teach the boys the Lords prayer. We've only had them repeat after us the first line as its a long prayer to learn. So sweet moment that melted my heart this morning...

Austin asks- Mom why did you go to someone's house last night?
Me- We were praying. (Knowing if I said for bible study he wouldn't understand.)
Austin- I can do that all by myself.
Me- You can?
Austin- Yes. Our Father. Now you say it mom.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Shadow Puppets at Bedtime

Tonight while laying with Austin in bed I reached over to get him a sip of water he requested. I couldn't help but notice that he was fascinated with the shadow it was making on the ceiling as I had the flashlight app open on my phone. So instead of ignoring the moment I ran with it and am so glad I did. I pretended to be a talking "snake" or "alligator". It was so fun to see Austin just watch in amazement. We both were laughing when I pretended to be getting hit by the fan blades on the ceiling. Haha! It was a simple moment tonight in bed but one I will remember. I love getting to watch the new discoveries with my children and be a kid with them.

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