Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

So hard to believe that this was our second year to dress Austin up.  Last year since it was my first year getting a costume I was on the ball.  This year was a little different.  Haha!  I had originally thought that he was going to be a train conductor because this summer he got a train conductor costume and looked very cute but as Halloween approached I kept thinking that I wanted to dress him like a "baby" one more year.  So Halloween day I called around and Pottery Barn Kids had a few left.  Austin was taking a morning nap so I had them put a few on hold until  could go and look at them.  I decided to go with the spider!  It won't be to long till he is telling me what he wants to be so until that happens "baby" cute costumes it is.  This year Daddy was able to be home for Halloween since it happened to fall on a Saturday night so that was nice!  We took many pictures so I am just posting a few of our cute little spider.

Family Photo
Daddy and Austin
Plotting where to make his web (or looking at the plane go by...haha).
Spider creeping along!
This picture just makes me think about what he will look like when he is older.
Isn't tonight about candy?  I'm going to find ours!
(One of my favorite pictures of the night because you can see all of the legs!)
Spider waiting anxiously for his food...a sucker.
Second annual pose sitting in the candy bucket.  Don't think we will be able to do this next year!
Mom I gotta get my gear on for the game!
Sorry Trick-or-Treaters...we're done!  It's game time!  Go Horns!