Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Football in Spring!

So tonight was another one of those nights that I know I won't forget. I love it when those nights happen on the simplest of evenings. When I picked Austin up today he asked to go outside and ride his bike which we normally do but I told him we had to go inside first so mommy could make dinner and then we could go on a bike ride. I'm glad we did because I just had in mind for us to go back to a "hill" to race down but when we got there I could see football players practicing at the middle school that is near our neighborhood. I asked Austin if he wanted to go watch and the rest is history as they say. He rode his bike the whole way there and back which was probably a mile. When we got there he sat in the stroller to watch with Hunter. Then he asked to sit on top of my shoulders. I felt really weird since we were standing on the outside of the fence and were basically "spying". Haha! Oh well...Austin was loving it (and Hunter too in the stroller) and that is what matters. I guess Austin liked the view so much he thought he could do it by himself so he climbed the fence to the top. So cute!
Video of Austin climbing the fence to see the football players.
After watching the practice he rode his bike home and we finished it with a race down the hill. Boys are so fearless. I think I'm starting to finally get used to not holding my breath anymore. Love love love having boys! They are so fun and so full of life!

Video of Austin "racing" down the hill.
(Caution video gets bumpy because I start to chase him while capturing him on video and pushing Hunter in the stroller. Oh the super powers moms have. Haha!)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Play Ball!

So of course I had to have my camera handy on Mother's Day. I caught some great pictures of Austin with his new glove. What's a mother's day shopping trip without buying something for her baby?

Hunter relaxing outside.
My baby is getting so big!
Daddy played catcher while Austin batted.
Got the stance...well sort of.
Still working on keeping our eyes open. Haha!
I guess at least he has his glove open. (Love this picture)
Austin would get excited every time the ball would shoot out to catch it.
Love this picture!
Austin has the throwing down. We just have to work on catching now!
The two cutest outfielders you will ever see.

Mother's Day 2011

Another year where I feel blessed to have been given the greatest gift a person could have...to be a mom! It is hard to believe this was my fourth mother's day. That means my boys are getting big which makes me sad. I truly love every thing about being a mom from the late nights, the tantrums, the laughs, and the hugs. I feel so proud that God has given me our two precious boys Austin and Hunter. They are my constant reminder of what life is all about.

Mother's Day Photo 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

2 Boys+Painting= A Memory!

So since Austin was little every year around Mother's day I have had him paint a "picture" on a canvas. I wanted to have a painting for every year so we will see how long I can get them to do it. Tonight I'm not sure if I was feeling brave or crazy. I guess I was thinking painting would go like it always does...WRONG! Haha! I'm laughing now but it was not pretty. I'll let the pictures tell the story...

It started off like it always does. "Yay! We get to paint!"
First touches of paint to the canvas. (My thoughts- this is going great. Just like it always does.)
Now the paint has reached another canvas...the body! (My thoughts- this is going great. Just like it always does. Haha! Hence the reason I know we need to paint without our clothes.)
Austin has figured out how to open the paint and add it to his plate. (My thoughts- this is going bad. This has never happened! I'm working with Hunter on his mother's day project that Austin had already made with me.)
Break to take Austin to bathtub because I know that if I continue to get mad at him he will run around the house and "hide" and our house will become the canvas. Afterwards came back and took pictures of the aftermath.

The table with the paint over flow that Austin put his hand (after the trip to the bathtub) while I am in the process of scrubbing the walls and the floors to hide the evidence from David. At this point I started crying. Haha!
The kitchen island wall with splatters of paint...
The kitchen wall behind the table with splatters of paint...
The kitchen chairs with splatters of paint...
The floor (in the entire kitchen) was covered with splatters of paint...
Break to clean up the evidence. I started telling Austin that he and I were both going to go to time-out and get spankings when daddy got home. I quickly make the boys dinner and start working very quickly to try and get it all done. David calls to tell me he's headed home. I wasn't talking much so he knew something was wrong. I said it's hasn't been a good afternoon. Haha! I explained what happened from me trying to get mother's day gifts made, Austin painting his yearly picture, Austin learning how to open the paint, bathing him, and then crying. He comes in the door I'm kneeling on the kitchen floor still cleaning (I've been cleaning for about 45 minutes at this point). He tells me to go sit on the couch. Haha! Gotta love him for that. I of course said no but he insisted so I finished and sat at the kitchen table and helped Hunter finish his dinner. Afterwards we let Hunter finish his painting. He loved it!

Hey Mom what's this for?
Oh I know Mom! I saw what Austin did!
This is fun! Look what I made.
Hunter kept trying to eat the paint...lovely!
Maybe that's what's wrong with my children? Haha!
I have great balance Mom! Plus I want my hair to have a new color.
Who wants a hug?
Yay Mom! When can we do it again?
I love to paint!