Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hunter is FOUR Months Old!

Is it really possible that Hunter is already four months old? I thought that Austin grew up fast. Hunter seems to be growing up twice as fast. We went to the doctor today for our well check and of course his doctor loved him just like his brother. They always give great smiles and really show Dr. Parkerson just how sweet they are. We also had to get two shots today which is NEVER fun. This time was harder than last time but I think it is because I am already emotional about going back to work. Haha! That will be a whole different post once I am dealing with those tears. Well Hunter measured the same as Austin at four months in everything except for his weight. Hmm I wonder why? Maybe because Austin started sleeping through the night at six weeks and Hunter still isn't sleeping through the night. Hunter now is 24.5 inches tall and weighing 14lbs. 3oz. Austin didn't weigh 14lbs. till he was 6 months old. Haha! Hunter has gained 2lbs. in a month since we had to go to the doctor at 3 months for his reflux. Man when they say you will never have to children alike they couldn't be more right about our boys. I mean temperament wise they are very alike. Happy boys! Austin never really had issues where Hunter has had them starting in the womb but it doesn't keep him from showing you his perfect smile! Today we were told that he needs physical therapy because of his head lean. I'm hoping to get a real good "lesson" the first time we go and then continuing therapy at home. Well here are just a few favorites of our little growing man.

4 Month Photo
Brotherly Love
Big grin!
Smile for the camera while playing in his excersaucer.
Happy Boy!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Got Popsicles?

How do you beat the heat in Texas during the summer...with some Fla-Vor-Ice Popsicles of course. I must say I am equally guilty for eating them this summer. I will be the first to admit that I have taught Austin a bad habit (well it can't be that bad if it is something that I do too right?). Anyways...after he finishes his lunch or his dinner he is allowed ice cream aka Dibs: bite size ice cream pieces perfect for a toddler. He used to be excited about just getting one. Haha! Don't you love the brains of toddlers sometimes. Lately he has been asking for a Popsicle though which is even better because it's cheaper. I think he has started asking for Popsicles more because they change the color of his tongue. He always has to stand up in his chair when he is done and look at his tongue in the mirror. I did not teach him that habit. Haha! Hunter even joined in on the fun this evening with a "Popsicle" of his own. He has been putting his hands in his mouth for almost a month now (I think he has started teething early) so tonight I gave him a frozen banana slice in a mesh feeder. He was in heaven. Well all this talk about Popsicles is making me crave one!

Oh wow! It did it again!
Can you guess what flavor I had?
Mom why have you been holding out on me.
Hunter enjoying his first "Popsicle".

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Moments That Melt Your Heart

I must say I never knew how much joy I would experience being a mom. I remember people asking me before Austin was born if I was excited. It's one of those things though like when people ask how do you know your in love...you just know. You don't have words to explain it. That's what I think being a mom is like. You can't put into words to someone who is about to become one the amount of love and joy you get out of being someones mom! Greatest gift I could have ever gotten and I get to open it everyday for the rest of my life. Last night was one of those moments that I wish I could have captured on video so that I could replay it over and over to be able to see and hear it again but I guess it will just be stored in my heart. Hunter has laughed a couple of times over the past few weeks but last night Austin got him to laugh like he never has. It was SO CUTE! Austin was "dancing" aka jumping up and falling down to the music in the living room and Hunter thought it was hilarious. I was cooking dinner in the kitchen and I asked David, "Is he laughing?" I ran to get my phone as getting the video camcorder out would have taken to long but I still missed it. Hopefully we can catch it the next time! The other moment that I would have never been able to capture because it was so quick but SO SWEET was in the middle of Austin and David's "basketball game" in the kitchen. The ball rolled over by Hunter and I who were watching them from the kitchen table and Austin out of nowhere says. "I love you baby!" Talk about melting your heart! I think these two are going to be great friends and I look forward to watching many more special moments between them. Since I didn't get any footage I thought I would just include some sweet photos of my two boys! I love them so much!

Quick picture after a diaper change on our bed!
All the boys "playing" with Hunter's toys.
Hunter holding on tight to his brother!