Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mac N Cheese!

Austin definitely has some favorite foods but will really eat anything you give him.  The other night it was just the two of us so I decided to make him some Kraft Mac N Cheese.  He of course ate every single noodle that was placed on his plate and tried his best to use his spoon with picking up the food with his hand and then placing it on the spoon but soon realized he could get a lot more if he just shoved it all in his mouth.  Since he was taking huge chunks some would make it into his mouth and others on his shirt.  Austin is not one to waste or every leave food his loves behind so he made sure he got every noodle he dropped on his shirt as well as the ones that fell into his chair.  Haha!

Wow! I have a whole plate full on my shirt I still can eat.
Uh Oh!  I have a piece on my arm.
  No worries!  I will just lick it off!
Can't forget about what fell in my seat!

Austin and Daddy!

This time of year is hard on David because he is gone so much and doesn't get to spend that much time with little man.  The other night it was so sweet because after we gave Austin a bath David was carrying him to bed and Austin rested his head on his shoulder and I was not feeling that great and told David to go ahead and lay him down and he said "but he never does this!"  So he held him a little longer and just stood by his crib with Austin resting on his shoulder and I went and laid down.  I thought it was so sweet!  This past Saturday David taught Austin how to do football dances after you score a touchdown.  I got it on video and as soon as I get a cable that will allow me to download video to our computer I will add it for you all to see because another cute moment shared by father and son.  On Sunday, before David had to go to work they sat together and watched the Texans on TV.  Here is a picture!


Austin loves shoes!  He has always loved shoes since he was small and so he has learned how to put them on whether they are his or not.  He always follows us into the bedroom and since my shoes are on a shelf he can reach he always grabs a few to put on.  Lately he has even started walking around in them.  Here are just a few pictures of him...

I wonder which shoe I should wear today?
  I don't really like the brown ones let me take this one off and try the other one.
  Alright now that it is on just gotta tie the laces.

Another Baby Colschen coming in April!

On Thursday, September 10th David and I went to the doctor for our first appointment to check on our latest addition to our family.  I was a little anxious about it because I knew that we were going to be able to see and hear the baby and was just hoping that everything was okay.  Of course just like last time everything was perfect!  I have to say that this time around it is different but in a good way.  The first time we didn't know what to expect...we went to doctor's appointments, found out whether we were having a boy or girl, heard Austin's heartbeat every month, but until the day Austin was born it became clear what it all meant.  A miracle was going to become a part of our family and changes our lives forever!  This time around it is a little emotional and maybe it is due to the hormones that are going through me but I really think it is because David and I have felt so blessed with Austin and knowing that another child is coming is just amazing!  We should find out in November if Austin will be having a brother or a sister.  The heartbeat was fast again this time so who knows.  Austin's first heartbeat was 168 bpm and this one was 174 bpm.  We got one picture of our little peanut.  The doctor said that due date is April 22.  That is what Austin's was and he ended up coming April 17 so we will see what this one decides to do.  We can't wait!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

First Day of School

Well I forgot to take a picture of Austin's "true" first day of school when I had to report back to work but I did get a picture of him on the morning of the real first day of school.  The day students came back, August 24th.  Austin loves going to school which makes it so much easier on me (tears leaving make it really hard not to feel guilty).  I remember last year justifying to myself me going to work so that Austin would be able to have a brother or sister one day and in April that will happen.  I know that me working and him going and socializing is the best for both of us but it is really hard to go from spending every day with him all summer to only getting a couple hours a day with him.  It makes the weekends that much better though!  Austin will also get great practice this year being around a baby because the Ballay's welcomed their new son into the world in June.  Here are few pictures of his first day at "school".
Austin walking up to their house.  (Can't believe he is walking to their door this year!)
 Austin with his two wonderful "teachers".
  Austin with one of his buddies Carson.