Sunday, March 21, 2010

Practicing for Hunter's Arrival

Austin "cheesing" with the baby. Doesn't he look like a natural?
Austin giving the "baby" a kiss.
David will probably kill me later at some point for this post but I couldn't resist sharing. He even asked me what I was doing when I sat down at the computer because he was sitting in the other room and I said updating the blog. He asked with what and I told him about Austin and his "baby". He said, "Babe we really don't have to go telling everyone about that!" Haha. We had been talking or I guess I should say I had been talking about getting Austin a "baby" since Christmas time. I never ended up getting him one because they don't make boy baby dolls. David's mom even tried to help talk up the idea by telling him that he had a practice "baby" when he was little before his brother arrived. David was still not to thrilled. Well the other night we went to dinner with my parents and my mom had gotten Austin a "baby". She thinking like a mom had the same idea and thought Austin would need one to help take care of when mommy is taking care of Hunter. It was a girl doll so this morning before David woke up I got it out (because David wanted it to be a boy "baby") and I took off the girl clothes and put on a baby boy outfit that David had actually gotten from the soccer team as a "gag" gift. It is just a little big but not to bad because it was a preemie outfit they had gotten him. So this morning Austin and I took care of the baby and put it "night-night". The video is of Austin putting the baby to sleep and at the end you can even see him pat the babies back to put it to sleep. So sweet! I guess we will see what happens when it is a real baby...because when daddy woke up and Austin showed daddy his "baby" and put it back to sleep by just throwing the "baby" in the cradle and walking away. I have to say though that David walked over and talked to Austin about how to treat the "baby" and showed Austin how to pat the "baby" so I guess he isn't to opposed to the idea. Hehe!

Austin putting his "baby" to sleep.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Boys are so fun!

Now I might be a little biased but I have to say having a boy is so much FUN! I mean I know a girl would be fun too...well the dressing her in all the cute girl clothes that are out there but once that ended watch out. I guess it's like the saying "boys will be boys"! Austin could not be any more of a boy. Haha! We have been on Spring Break this week and I must say it is another reason why I feel blessed to have the job I have. We had a big to-do list of things we wanted to accomplish over the break since Hunter will be joining us soon and we have done a lot. The best and most important thing probably being getting our backyard in shape so that Austin can just run around and have fun. Now I must say it was a team effort of the entire family...I did pull weeds on day one but my wrist got so sore I couldn't assist on day two but that is where Austin came in. He and David spent hours out there finishing it all up. I wish that I would have had a video of Austin pushing his wheelbarrow full of weeds to David to empty in the trashcan but sometimes memories are just etched in your head. I do have a video of Austin mowing with David though that is quite cute! I guess David will be set with his yard crew having Austin and Hunter around. Who knows one day we may have three boys? I would be perfectly okay with that because like I said boys are so fun!
Austin's Mowing Lesson with Daddy:
(Watch the entire video because at the end Austin grabs his mower.)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hunter's Weekend Adventure!

Pictures of our 33 week ultrasound (which was Wednesday, March 3, 2010) due to being a gestational diabetic to check his size. Measuring roughly 4.5 pounds and predicted to be bigger than Austin who was born 6.8 pounds.
His eyes are slightly open in this picture!
Little cuddle bug!
Well I guess Hunter wanted another post about himself so he had to do some antics. Friday morning while at work at around 9:30 I thought that I might be having some contractions. Of course me being the person that I am I just told myself everything was fine and continued working. We had a meeting at 2 that afternoon and a teammate asked if I was feeling any better and I said not really and started to get a little emotional (those dang hormones). Haha! I didn't call David till I was being driven home because I didn't want to freak him out. He was in Conroe coaching the girls soccer team and had actually driven the bus so a parent drove him to meet me at the hospital. By 5:30 I was sitting in triage being told yes you are having contractions and we are going to give you three doses of terbutaline to make them stop. The drug did not work and I was only able to be given two doses because of what it was doing to my heart rate so they admitted me and we stayed overnight both Friday and Saturday night. I was put on Magnesium Sulfate which for those of you who have never experienced that add it to your list of things NOT to do. Haha! I was also given two steroid shots just in case Hunter decides to make an early appearance to make sure his lungs are developed. I received the first shot Friday night at midnight and the second dose was to be given 24 hours later. I was not looking forward to the shot at all because it felt like well a horrible contraction during labor before you are given an epidural but I must say when you are drugged and feeling like I was you didn't feel it. I got released late Sunday morning and David and I went up to work not knowing what the future was going to be to prepare in case I am gone longer than planned. That evening when I went to lay down (when Hunter usually decides to go nuts) I realized I hadn't felt him move lately. I decided to eat some grapes and lay on my side...didn't work. Drank a juice box and laid on my side...didn't work. David and I both got concerned so I called the on-call number and asked if maybe he was just drugged like I was and that was why I wasn't feeling him. They told me to come back and get checked so at 11pm we headed back to our home away from home and we both heard the best sound in the world soon after we arrived...Hunter's heartbeat! What a ride we have had with this one starting from the 9 week ER visit, being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and then having contractions and being admitted at 33 weeks! I have decided that Hunter must like attention and audiences. He also knows by hearing Austin that he has an older brother so I think he is ready to meet him and play. I can picture our house now!

Austin "cheesing" with mommy while sitting in triage being monitored.