Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hunter's Tricks!

Wow! Time sure is flying by. Does it go by quicker with the second one? It sure feels that way. It's hard to believe that Hunter was six weeks on Saturday. He has been doing all kinds of tricks since he was born. Well really before that I guess...haha. At 8 weeks I felt Hunter move. I remember it because I thought to myself that God and Hunter were telling me everything was going to be okay. I was sitting at a funeral for a mom of one of my students and was trying to keep it together and finding it very hard. I guess that was our sign that he was going to be a mover, talker, and take care of his momma!

Little Talker!

At 9 weeks he had to beat up the hemorrhage that was growing beside him (9 week diagnosed with a subchorionic hemorrhage) so that he would have room to grow because chance of miscarriage was increased. I guess that was our sign that he was going to be one strong little man!

Strong Little Man! (Hunter has now rolled over 4 times! This is not a typical thing for 6 week olds. Hmm...I wonder if it is because of my collegiate genes he got? Haha. I always tease daddy because mommy was a collegiate athlete and he wasn't.)

Then at 33 weeks decided he was going to play a game with us and pretend he was coming early (preterm labor- 2 night stay). I guess that was our sign that he was going to be a little comedian!

Little Comedian!

BIG SMILE- 6 weeks! (He is starting to smile a mean them. Not just sleepy smiles or gas smiles...haha!)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I've Been Robbed (not really)

I've been robbed. My two boys have stolen my heart (well really my three boys)! You know when Austin was born I was immediately in love. I got nervous at the end of my pregnancy with Hunter that things were going to change. I was going to miss it just being "the two of us". Well like the poem I posted awhile back I am again proved WRONG! It is so amazing how much love you can have for two such small people. I also find it amazing that it is an instant love. There isn't a 'get to know you' phase. It's instant! I remember when Austin was born a friend of mine calling me (Krystal) and asking "So do you just love him?" I remember telling her, "Yes! It redefines the meaning of love. It's amazing!" I must say that once I became a mom I was forever changed! I love my life! I love my family! I love that God has blessed me with an amazing husband who is loving and funny. Did you see the videos below? Haha! Austin who keeps us on our toes and will keep us young...well for awhile at least till he is a teenager I'm sure then he will start aging us. Haha! Hunter who is already showing that he is a strong little happy boy. He has rolled over three times now from his tummy to his back. His brother didn't do that till like 7 or 8 months. Haha! I guess one day he'll have to tell him that. He smiles a lot except when his tummy hurts and he wants to poop and can't. Not sure what's up with that since it's liquid right now. Yes I am one blessed woman! I guess I did something right in my life to deserve this!


Friday, May 21, 2010

NFL Training Camp

Austin has always loved anything sports related and for his age I must say he is quite a natural. Who knows maybe one day he will earn a scholarship! Austin is also at the age where he wants to do EVERYTHING we are doing. So daddy decided to teach him some football drills. It is so funny watching the two of them play together. I know that daddy is loving this age because in the beginning when they are small like Hunter is right now he feels like there's not a whole lot he can do (and he is right) so I'm glad he has Austin to remind him of what is to come.

Daddy teaching Austin high knees and cross overs. Austin even has his mouth piece in (aka: his passy or 'mimi' as he refers to it) You will also see Austin give daddy the butt tap as that is our fault. Daddy will give him the butt tap and say go get em'. So Austin will say that to daddy. Haha! (30 sec. video)

Daddy teaching high knees again, working on sprints (Austin even gets in his 'stance' (Daddy taught him that too) without any prompting as he knows that is what Daddy usually says when they 'train', and push ups. Austin even does an advanced push up at the end. Like I said who knows maybe one day he'll earn a scholarship. To think it would have all started in our living room. Haha! (1 minute video)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Who knew I lived with a NBA All-Star?

So in early April I think it was we decided to buy Austin a basketball goal because he had one at "school" and he loved playing with it. Typical boy but hey who knows maybe one day it will earn him a scholarship because lord knows having two parents who are teachers we need all the help we can get. Haha. I must say I am not sure these days who plays with it more Austin or daddy. I guess with all of the NBA that is on TV these days with the finals coming up has inspired David to do some 'moves'. I really don't need to say more just enjoy the footage.

Austin is so used to the camera being pulled out he knew exactly what to do. Haha. Daddy is trying to steal the spotlight.

Haha. This is funny. Listen to what David says at the end of this video. Hasn't he learned?

This is why our parents always said "Not in the house!" Haha.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Family of Four's FIRSTS of many...

ONE: May 2nd- A couple weekends ago we went to a birthday party for one of Austin's friends and Hunter came too. It was outside at a park and both kids were good. I have to say Hunter would get the 'award' for being the best behaved out of the two of them since he slept the whole time. Austin was his typical crazy independent man self. I swear that if we didn't have our eyes on that boy he would be on a bus headed somewhere without a care in the world that he left his parents behind. Haha. He ALWAYS will just walk off without looking back. It's kind of scary actually. Maybe I should be proud that he is so confident? Haha.

TWO: May 9th- Mother's Day weekend the four of us went to the grocery store to get some things for us to grill. I must say it was a little strange having a stroller and a shopping cart. Why you ask? Need I remind you about Austin's lack of concern for staying by us. He has to be in the cart buckled in. Haha. We can't just be a 'normal' family and have our child hold our hand and stay by us while we get a few things.

THREE: May 15th- Saturday afternoon we took a trip to Target. We needed to exchange some diapers that were given to us since they were Huggies and we use Pampers. We also kind of just wanted to get out of the house as well. So after we got the diapers we just wandered the store a little bit. It was a funny sight because we used the 'WIDE LOAD' shopping cart. The one that has the two seats in the front of the cart so that Hunter could be in his car seat and set where the child normally sits in the cart. Austin did pretty good but then wanted to get out so we told him he had to hold our hands. He did until we got to the toy section and he spotted the wire rack of balls. Thank goodness they keep those things caged in. Haha. We did have to leave the store with a new big red ball and an Elmo backpack.

FOUR: May 15th- Saturday night we headed out with both our boys and went to dinner at Rico's just the four of us. That is so weird to say! I remember sitting by David and saying this is our first time at a restaurant with both of our boys! It makes me feel proud to be able to say that. I think because I know I have a husband who is and will raise his boys to be a great man like he is. Hunter did great...slept the whole time. Austin did great too...I think it helped that we were seated at the table right by the man who was playing music. Haha! These days trying to get Austin to sit still for any amount of time is a struggle. He wants to go, go, go! (Is he his father's son?)

I guess we have a lot of "firsts" coming again. We are achieving those firsts a lot quicker this time around but I think it is because I've done this before. Tuesday we will see how a doctor's appointment with two boys who both have to get shots goes. David is hoping he can meet me there but I might be solo. Hmm...who to go first? I think Austin can go first and then give him a lollipop. Hunter can go second and get hugs and kisses! I hate these first shots where they can't get a lollipop.

Perfect date with three handsome boys at Rico's

TWINS? Not exactly...

There are so many times during the day where I think Hunter looks like his own little person and other times where I feel like I am holding Austin again. It's fun to go back and look at Austin when he was little and just see how similar they are. I think I am going to dress them in the same outfit and take the picture and see how scary the resemblance is. Right now the difference that is most striking between the two of them is that Austin has brown eyes and Hunter looks like he will have blue! Now the big question is are they going to sleep the same. Austin started sleeping through the night beginning Memorial Day weekend. Hmm...will Hunter bless us just the same?

Hunter in May...
Austin in May...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The 'SURPRISES' with Hunter continue...

People always tell you that you will never have two children that are alike. I have to say that Hunter made this a reality all to soon for us when I was 9 weeks pregnant. The different scenarios that we had with Hunter included: subchorionic hemorrhage (9 weeks), gestational diabetes (diagnosed at 28 weeks), pre-term labor (33 weeks), preeclampsia during labor (38 weeks). I thought once he was born we would be out of the woods. Yesterday I got a call from his doctor which of course as a mom when it is your child's doctor calling you know something is up. I think it will be the same thing when they get older and their teacher calls. Haha. The doctor had to call to report that something came up on his newborn screening. Talk about your heart dropping! She spoke to me probably for 5 minutes but I have to be honest and say for those 5 minutes I really couldn't hear nor take in what she was saying so...I of course hit the computer to look up what she was talking about. Since I wasn't listening I couldn't remember exactly what she said so I was just "guessing" as to what I thought he fit by her description. I decided to call back and leave a message on the nurses line so that they could tell me again the name of what came up. David called me like he always does between his trip from his campus to the senior campus and asked how my day was going...I of course started crying and told him that the doctor called. While crying I'm telling him the doctor said everything was okay but I think as a mom you just get emotional and worried about your little ones and want EVERYTHING to be perfect. Maybe that is why Hunter came to us like he did...to teach mommy things don't always have to be perfect, everything will ALWAYS work out like it is supposed to. The doctor (God bless her) called me back again and explained it all again to me and made me feel so much better. I told her that I called my husband crying and I apologized for being the "crazy" mom and calling back again and she said: your not crazy, it's your baby. You are right to be concerned but in this case you don't need to be. She knew as a mom it's hard not to worry when you get news that 'something' came up but in this case I really didn't need to worry as he was okay. She explained they take the testing very seriously and when something comes up they do further testing to determine what is causing the test to be irregular. In Hunter's case he has what is known as Duarte Galactosemia it is a variant of the classic galactosemia which can cause serious complications. (Thank you God for looking over my sweet baby!) She told me that if I got concerned again or had questions to please call her back and she would explain it again. I love my boys doctor!

Sweet Little Hunter Ryan Colschen
Hunter sleeping is his swing all bundled up!
Hunter the 'Hairy One'...can get a small glimpse of the hair that covers his body. Look at the top of his arm. That is not fuzz from the picture. Haha. It continues to his back too.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hunter is ONE MONTH old!

Wow! Is it possible that a month has already gone by? It seems like having a second one the time is going by even quicker. I think it is because you know what milestones happen and when and you quickly realize oh my goodness next month he will ______. Hunter has been a great baby! He LOVES to eat and LOVES to be awake. Austin never really used his time trying to be awake and learning about his world but Hunter LOVES it. I think he is trying to scope everything out so that he has a fair chance with his big brother. Haha. The only time he really gets mad is when he is hungry and when he is "trying" to poop. I guess you could also say he has some gas issues. Austin never really had those so it is a new experience for me. I still don't understand why Hunter has to turn bright red to poop "liquid". He doesn't do it all the time but when he's mad he does. Other times right before he poops he makes his Mr. Burns (from the Simpson's) face.

So far the similarities between Austin and Hunter are: both LOVED to be held (Austin never really experienced anything different as he was our first), both peed on their parents (Hunter did it first though and didn't wait till we got home did it in the hospital), and both didn't like getting out of the bath (who can blame them it's cold getting out of a tub) .

The differences between Austin and Hunter are: Hunter is smaller than Austin (I think he will catch up quickly though because he is a better eater than Austin was), Hunter spends more time awake (Austin was like his momma and would rather sleep), Hunter will sometimes poop during diaper changes (new experience for sure...Austin never did this).

Here is a photo of both boys at one month old. I think Hunter is beginning to look like his own person. I mean they are similar and definitely looked identical at birth but now Hunter is becoming his own little person.

Hunter at ONE MONTH old.
Austin at ONE MONTH old.

Mother's Day 2010

It is still hard for me to believe at times that I am a mother of two boys! It seems like just yesterday we were bringing Austin home from the hospital and adjusting and learning how to be parents. Where does the time go? Being a mom is truly AMAZING. I know at times I probably focus more on being a mom than other things but it's hard not to. Since Hunter has joined our family I feel like I did with Austin: wondering what did we do before Hunter got here? Haha. It seems normal to see Hunter swinging (or I guess I should say sleeping) in his swing, Austin sitting by me with books while Hunter is "eating", or Austin standing in the chair next to the pack-n-play handing me a diaper when Hunter needs a clean one. Mother's day was a perfect day but most days are around here because we are blessed (mostly me I think though). I have a great husband who does so much for our family. I have two boys that couldn't make me happier. I mean what more does a woman need? We spent Mother's Day at the house. Both boys went down for a nap around 10 which for Austin is NOT normal but I must say it was wonderful because I was able to take an early morning nap. David spent the entire morning preparing our "dinner": salsa/cheddar burgers and cream cheese stuffed jalapeƱos wrapped in bacon which he cooked on the grill. YUM! We had both our parents over and spent the afternoon outside playing with Austin, eating good food, and just hanging out with family! A perfect mother's day! I made sure David took a picture this year as the past two years I do not have a picture from mother's day and it makes me sad. Here a two of my favorites.

My Boys and Me.
Austin and Hunter in matching outfits!