Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Top Ten Latest Favorites:

10.  Austin clapping along with the radio. (He loves KSBJ like his mommy!)
9.  Austin laughing when other people laugh or at the radio if they laugh.
8.  Austin trying to do "Go Horns! Go!"
7.  Austin walking with a purpose and moving his arms.
6.  Austin trying to always help.  He cleans up his toys and puts his dirty laundry in his hamper.
5.  Austin trying to dress himself: clothes, shoes, and hat.
4.  Austin and Daddy playing "football".  (They catch (Austin can now catch a big football), tackle, practice fumble recoveries, and work on touchdown celebration dances-Austin's favorite.)
3.  Austin running in place when he gets excited or hears music.
2.  Austin and Daddy just being together and watching them.
1.  Picking up Austin in the morning out of his crib during the week and he wraps his legs and arms around me so tight.

Austin taking a shower with Daddy!  (I think he is thinking, "Mom! What are you doing?  I'm naked!")

Pumpkin Patch 2009!

I can't believe we have known been able to take Austin to the pumpkin patch for the second time.  Time sure is flying by fast.  Last year we could put Austin on the pile of pumpkins and he would sit there and just smile at us...this year was a little different.  Haha!  Not a bad different but just different.  He wanted to climb and not sit on the pumpkins, he wanted to look at everyone and everything but the camera, and would really only smile when Dad was behind the camera.  I think this is because he is used to me ALL the time and gets excited when he sees his daddy.  Well we still got a few good shots in next year will be lots of fun when we bring our two little pumpkins.  Austin and his little brother or sister!

First family hay ride!  Austin loved it!
Mommy and Austin on the hayride.
(Another good picture because Austin likes looking at daddy.)
Daddy and Austin sitting with the animals!
Gobble! Gobble!  (Austin wasn't to sure about this hay turkey.)
Our "bootiful" and cute little ghost!
Austin sitting in the pile of pumpkins!
Austin climbing in the pile of pumpkins!
Mommy and Austin sitting in the pumpkins! (Looks right at daddy to take the picture.)
Daddy and Austin sitting in the pumpkins! (No attention to mommy taking the picture.)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Handsome Penguin!

So this past weekend my friend that I have had since third grade Trisha got married.  Can't believe we are all married now!  Well after Austin was born my aunt gave me the "tux" that my cousin Cody wore to my wedding.  I have to say that it melted my heart to see both of my men walking up to me last night.  I wasn't able to be with them all day as we had lots of girly things to do so David was in charge of little man as well as getting him dressed and then coming to the reception and he did a GREAT job!  Austin looked absolutely adorable and quite handsome.  I even think some of the little girls there loved how he looked because one little girl that was probably four or so grabbed his hands while he was walking around the dance floor and started dancing with him.  Wish my camera was in my hand because it was the cutest thing I have ever seen!  She was swinging his hands side to side and he was just standing there being a good sport.  Here are just a few of the pictures we took of our little handsome penguin....enjoy!  (You will have to ignore his swollen eye.  He got a mosquito bite the night before and he usually swells up when he gets one of those.  He still looks cute though!)

Family Photo (gotta love Austin's face)
  My Two Handsome Boys!  I love them so much!
Austin and Me (Daddy did a great job taking this picture!)
  Austin and Me his face so had to add this one too!
Playing with the flower petals on the dance floor!
 Breaking it Down on the Dance Floor!