Saturday, July 30, 2011

Can you repeat that?

So I haven't been the best blogger lately but I am starting to think that I don't need to wait for "moments" to blog. Austin (and Hunter) are constantly doing something these days. I think instead of sharing it with just the Facebook world I need to be posting on here as well because this will hopefully be something that we can look back on and read. Anyways, last night we went to dinner with Nana and Pawpaw and after waiting for almost an hour for a table outside. Austin was entertained with the books Nana brought and Hunter and I kept looking at the airplanes fly over. We got seated in a small room that was packed and loud with a table full of teenage girls. After the girls left the room was a lot more calm. There were two ladies that sat at a table behind us and as they walked out they said, "Your boys are adorable! They were a pleasure to sit by." David and I both thanked the lady and then laughed. Did she really just say that about our children? The boys were very good but if you've ever been to dinner with us or seen us out to eat it's usually an adventure. Haha! So since I can't leave a blog post without a picture I thought I would share one of our boys who are always a pleasure for us to sit by screaming and all (well daddy sometimes has a hard time) but we both love them more than anything!

Austin and Hunter (Summer 2011)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 4th at the Beach

Like I said we got to spend the whole week at the beach. July 2- July 9 so lucky for us we got to see fireworks since back home they were and still are in a drought. We were spoiled because the house right next to the "main" house put on a huge fireworks display that lasted almost an hour. It was amazing!

Hunter and Austin playing with the flags in the sand.

Austin smiling at me.

My boys and I.

Grammie and Austin in their festive 4th colors.

Family picture in our Old Navy t-shirts.

The boys just "hanging" out.
(I feel like Austin looks so big in this picture.)

Austin giving Hunter a hug. Sweetness!!

Big smiles from Austin...Hunter doesn't know yet what cheese means.

My three handsome boys!

The cousins watching and waiting for the fireworks.

Family Pictures on the Beach

We had known about our vacation to Florida for awhile so I thought it would be cool to get pictures taken while we were there because so many of us were going. I contacted a friend that we graduated with that lives out there and she gave me a number to one of her friends that is a photographer. We surprised everyone with the news of family pictures and I think everyone is glad we now have those pictures to remember our family beach vacation. The tough part for me is going to be deciding which one to get on a canvas...ahh the tough things in life :)

Whole group picture on the beach.
17 adults and 8 kids all looking at the camera...well almost. Woo hoo!

Grammie and the Grandkids and Great-Grandkids

Grammie and her 8 Great-Grandkids.
(3 are missing believe it or not...and another one will be here in September.)

The Colschen Family Party of 8.

The Colschen Family Party of 4.

This is our life...and we love every minute of it!

Kisses can be so sweet even when it's with a tongue sticking out :)

Love this one!

Navarre, Florida Vacation

We are so blessed! Last week we got to spend the entire week in Navarre, Florida. David's parents rented a house across the street from the beach and the rest of his mom's family was down there as well except we were missing a few relatives. There was a total of 17 adults and 8 kids. We both wish we were still there. The boys loved it so much they woke up at 6 or earlier every day and stayed up late crab hunting before bedtime. David and I are already trying to figure out how and when we can go back.

The boys swimming in the ocean with Coach and KayKay.
Thank you for the wonderful vacation. We love you!

Austin hanging out on the deck looking at the ocean. Beautiful views!

Hunter enjoying the beach and playing in the sand.

Daddy taking Austin out on the boogie board. He loved it!!

Mommy and Hunter (Hunter making his kiss face.)

Austin the mermaid.

Austin found lots of things on the beach!

All the boy cousins hanging out in the sand.
(Austin, Hayden, Holden, and Hunter)

Popsicle break with the cousins!
(Addison, Hayden, Hunter, Austin, and Peyton)