Thursday, June 21, 2012

Note to Self

Note to self: I can't write a blog post every day :( Well I have not been doing our daily blog of our life guess I should have known it wouldn't last long. Makes me sad but also is a reminder that life is crazy busy right now. Having three children to take care of, play with, and love can most days be exhausting but every day is a blessing! I'm so glad I get to be their mommy.

Note to self: you don't want to guess what sound that is you hear when your two little boys are playing and laughing and you hear an unfamiliar sound. Why? It might just be that they are fishing with the bathtub fishing pole in the toilet. Yuck!!

Note to self: we are blessed with three amazing children!!

As they grow so do their imaginations. Austin and Hunter have spotted a skunk in our house...

Brothers enjoying their ice cream truck treat...

Amelia napping...

Amelia is 8 weeks old. Really? Already?!

First story time with three little ones...

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 6

Something I learned from today is that even on busy days I need to remember to take pictures. I took some today but not enough to capture simple memories. David left for 7-7 in the morning which woke up Austin. Austin and I ate breakfast together at the kitchen table until Hunter woke up. Hunter finished Austin's breakfast and then we all went in the playroom and played while Amelia slept. We later had to take Austin to swim lessons where Amelia cried the entire car ride there. Makes me sad that she hates her car seat so much. On the way home we picked up lunch from McDonald's and at lunch together at the table at home. We were all exhausted so shortly after lunch we were all sleeping. Daddy got home just as we were all waking up. He showered and then we headed over to Kaykay's house where the boys played with their cousins Addison and Cameron and Amelia visited with Aunt Phyllis. Grammie was there and Mike and Lena came over too. We ate dinner and the kids played. It was another great busy day of summer break.

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 5

As I sit here on the couch thinking back on our day it feels like this morning was long ago but maybe that's because I'm exhausted (Sidenote: when I don't take a nap in the afternoon I drag at night.). We started the day off or I guess I should say Amelia and I started the day off around 1 something in the morning. We got up again around 3 or 4 can't remember it's all a blur in the wee hours and then again at 6. Austin and Hunter woke up around 7. We ate breakfast (everyone but myself) and then headed to the "track meet". Austin did his two events shot put and high jump and then headed to swim lessons with daddy and Hunter. Amelia and I headed back to the house. We took naps (everyone but myself) and then like the rest of the week the big boys set out to go fishing. Austin caught his first bass.

Hunter ate his snack and then we headed to Kaykay's house to visit and see Grammie.

Grammie lives in Arkansas so she hasn't gotten to see or hold Amelia. She saw her at dinner last night but she was sleeping in her carseat the whole time so she didn't get to hold her. Today that changed and I'm so glad Amelia got to see her great grandma.

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Day 4

I feel asleep before making my daily post but luckily Amelia has been up a couple of times so now I'm awake and can post about our day. I really will make this one short and sum up today as a day full of laughter! It was a great day. Might have been great because I wasn't by myself with our three children. David took Austin and Hunter to the Ballay's for Austin's swim lessons where he jumped off the board again. So proud! Amelia and I headed to my doctor for my six week check-up.
Amelia slept a lot today and took a long nap when we got home.

Austin made me laugh after going to the bathroom and getting dressed by himself. He thought it was pretty funny too after he saw mommy and daddy laughing at him. He even was willing to pose for a picture. He even fell asleep for his nap like this...

We had a good afternoon rain storm which so happened to occur as we were loading up for Austin's track meet. It ended up getting canceled so we went straight to dinner at Double Dave's where I was laughing again.

We are so blessed to have so many people who love our children. Our parents, Uncle Mike and Aunt Lena, and Grammie who is in town all were planning on making it to the track meet but when it got canceled they joined us for dinner instead.
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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 3

Another busy but great day for us. We woke up a little early this morning which allowed for us to eat breakfast at home instead of on the road. We then loaded up and headed to track camp.

Afterwards we usually stay and eat our snowcones while watching football camp but Amelia woke up and starting crying. Don't blame her it was HOT! By the time we got to the car she was screaming so we headed to swim lessons early. Austin did great! He even went off the diving board. (Sidenote: Last year Austin never went off the board and I didn't see him do it today but he claims he did so I guess tomorrow I will have to see if I can get it on video.). We came home and all napped...shortly but for me even ten minutes seems to revive me these days. Daddy and Austin went to 7 on 7 and again the three of us stayed behind. Hunter "read" Amelia some books before his bath and he went to bed.

We ate pizza for dinner and I gave Amelia a bath. Austin and her fell asleep around 9 while Hunter asked to go to bed at 7.
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 2

So proud I'm making another post although didn't get a nap today so this will be short.

The boys slept in today which never happens with Austin. I had to wake him up so we wouldn't be late for track camp which we ended up being about five minutes late. Still not bad for rolling Austin out of bed and loading up all three by myself. Austin did much better today!! Still lost focus but not as much as yesterday.

Again after track camp we headed to swim lessons which he didn't want to do because of yesterday's going under water scare. I told him I would tell his teachers he didn't want to go under today which sealed the deal of him going without tears. (Sidenote: he said he was not good at getting out of the pool by himself and that is why. He really is growing up and can really express how and why he feels the way he does.) He ended the lesson coming inside finding me and saying "I went under water all by myself and I didn't cry !".

After nap he got to go fishing with daddy again. Today he caught 11 fish all by himself.

Hunter, Amelia, and I stayed home again. Kaykay stopped by for a little bit. The ice cream truck drove by and Hunter did his usually got super excited so since he hasn't gotten to go fishing with daddy he got a special treat too...sonic hedgehog Popsicle.

Daddy and Austin brought home dinner again. We all ate at our new kitchen table.

Afterwards daddy held Amelia and she ended up falling asleep while I bathed the boys. Hunter gave his kisses good night and then Austin stayed up loving on his baby sister.

Austin and Amelia both fought falling asleep. Austin finally fell asleep a little before 9 and Amelia around 10:30. We will repeat today again tomorrow. I'm loving being able to spend everyday all day with our three children. So blessed!!

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Day 1: Our Summer Vacation

So I'm trying something new...going to document our daily life every day and post on our blog so that one day years from now we can remember these crazy but fun times in our lives.

Amelia started our day out by waking up around 3am. I pumped while feeding her and she went right back to sleep. Austin came out of our bedroom around 6:15 and laid on the couch by me. This caused Amelia to wake up so I picked her up and she feel back asleep. Austin "read" her his books until daddy came out to head to SCFL camp. Daddy hugged and kissed us goodbye and headed off to work.

Austin tried track camp and they started them off by running a full lap around the track which I think did him in. The rest of the camp was a battle and took a lot of encouraging to get him to participate. Ended on a good note because he and Hunter each got a snowcone! Amelia slept the whole time. (Sidenote: Austin wanted to be with his brother which was another problem in not wanting to do the camp. Austin wants to do everything with his little brother. Very sweet!)

After track camp we headed to Austin's swim lessons. Hunter, Amelia, and I stayed inside while Austin learned how to pull himself out of the pool by himself for the first time. He was scared at first but went on to do it by himself with a smile on his face several times.

Driving home Hunter fell asleep and Amelia cried the whole way. (Sidenote: Amelia usually cries in the car. Not a big fan of her carseat or the car. Makes me sad but being our third child I can handle it without sweating like I did when Austin would scream in the car as a baby.)

All three fell asleep quickly after we got home. I put Hunter to bed in his crib, made Austin lunch, and pumped while nursing Amelia. Then we all took naps.

Daddy even got in a catnap when he got home. Austin woke up when daddy got home and climbed onto him and slept some more.

Hunter woke up first and had a snack. Amelia woke up shortly afterwards. Then Austin and daddy woke up. Daddy tried to talk to Austin and get him excited about going back to track camp. Austin was sitting in his lap while Hunter grabbed a cup off the counter of Austin's that had orange juice in it and accidentally spilt it down the couch. Daddy "freaked out" and had to clean it up as I was pumping and nursing Amelia. Hunter later had to go to time out for throwing a toy car over his head which went into the kitchen. Looking for attention? I think so.

Daddy took Austin fishing at a pond in Uncle Mike and Aunt Lena's neighborhood. He reeled in his first fish all by himself. He ended up catching 6 fish all by himself. Makes me sad I missed it but both our boys got much needed one-on-one attention.

Hunter, Amelia, and I stayed at the house. Hunter cried when they left but I distracted him with food. (Sidenote: Hunter loves to eat. He would probably eat all day if we let him.)

Hunter playing at the table while eating dinner. More playing than eating tonight.

We played and then I gave Hunter a bath. Later he asked to go night-nite. Before bed he kissed Amelia good-night. Pure sweetness! After Hunter went to bed I spent some time with our baby girl.

Daddy and Austin brought home dinner. While getting tv trays set up Austin sat down by Amelia in her bouncy seat and kept saying "where's your tongue?" which made Amelia laugh. This was her first laugh and was so sweet! Wish I caught it on camera but another sweet memory my heart and mind will have to hold onto.

I got a shower in (Sidenote: important to document I got in a shower. It doesn't happen often these days.). Tomorrow I think I'm going to keep a diaper count. Haha! I know I changed Hunter 5 times 2 of which were dirty dirty. It's now 11:34pm and I think I'm going to get nurse Amelia and then call it a night.
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