Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Father Son Fishing Trip (Hunter and I went too)

So Father's Day weekend was extra special for David I think because he took Austin fishing for the first time. We went Saturday afternoon (yes pretty much at the hottest part of the day) fishing at a pond in my parents neighborhood. We first had to stop at Gander Mountain so the boys could get Austin a fishing pole. David had bought him one but he said he wouldn't be able to cast it till he was older and needed to get him a different one. So when they came out of course they got more than a pole. He got Austin a tackle box and he said Austin really liked the bobbers (see photo and video below for proof of this) so they had to buy two boxes of those. I must say I am so glad that Hunter and I got to tag along on this trip because I know soon enough it is going to be one of those BOY BONDING things. We weren't there but for maybe 5 minutes before Austin got his first (baby) catfish! So exciting! We left soon after that but went back again on Sunday (Father's Day) and were lucky again and caught a baby perch. Enjoy the pictures and videos below capturing the memories of The Colschen's First Father Son Fishing Trip.

Video- Austin saying where we're going!
Video- Austin and Daddy walking down to the pond.
Austin and Daddy with their first catch. (A baby catfish)
Austin, Hunter, and Daddy with their first catch.
Austin kissing his first catch.
Austin and Daddy going fishing on Father's Day.
Video- Austin telling Daddy what to put on his pole.
Look Daddy a bobber!
Hunter just chilling on Father's Day waiting to catch a fish.
Video- Austin and Daddy reeling in their catch on Father's Day.
Austin and Daddy with their catch on Father's Day.
(I love the look on Austin's face. Haha. It looks like he is scared (he wasn't). He will love this one day.)

Happy Father's Day!

What a blessing our two boys have to have such a wonderful daddy. Austin sure has come to love his daddy. I truly think that Austin thinks David is his hero! He does EVERYTHING David does and it is so cute! The other night Austin came to our room in the middle of the night. I scooped him up put him in our bed and he looked over at David saw he was sleeping with his arm above his head (yes, David does not budge or hear anything when he is sleeping) and then Austin put the same arm above his head just like David and fell asleep. Melts my heart to witness these moments. I was so tempted to get out of bed and turn on the light to take a picture but I didn't want to wake the three boys that were sleeping in the room. Enjoy just some of the photos taken Father's Day weekend.

Austin watching Daddy edge the front yard.
(Austin anxiously waits for daddy to mow so that he can go outside and help. So cute!)
Daddy are you done yet? I'm ready to help!
Daddy and the boys! (Austin is giving daddy a father's day kiss!)
Daddy and the boys!
(The only way to get Austin to sit down and take the picture was to give him a chip. Typical boy!)
Daddy and Hunter
(The easier photo client these days. Haha! I wonder why. Maybe because he's not 2?!?)
Daddy and Hunter just hanging out together.

Now for the real test? Who is who? Which one do you think is Austin and which one is Hunter?

The answer: top one is Austin on his first Father's Day and the bottom one is Hunter on his first Father's Day. Same outfit again!


Hunter always measured bigger than Austin while he was in the womb so I was not surprised when we went to the doctor Friday for Hunter's 2 month check up and he was bigger than Austin was at 2 months. Here is how they compare Weight- Austin was 10lbs. 6oz. and Hunter was 10lbs. 13oz. Height- Austin was 22in. and Hunter was 23in. So what that means for our growing boy. Hunter has gained 5lbs. 4oz. since he was born (almost doubled his weight) and grown 4in. WOW! What a busy two months he has had! Below are the two month photos of each of the boys...what do you think? I think they are brothers for sure but have their own looks. (I dressed them in the exact same outfit so that I could really see how much they look alike.)

Hunter at 2 months.
Austin at 2 months.
Other things Hunter is up to these days are: smiles ALL the time and likes to stay awake A LOT during the day! He takes very short cat naps usually and loves to eat usually still feeding every 2 hours although if he takes a longer nap mommy gets a longer break. Mommy also tries to feed him before he ask since he has reflux. Crying will only cause him to swallow more air which will make him spitting up even more than he already does. At least he doesn't scream or cry afterwards or during feedings. We just know he has reflux because he makes "air noises" like he can't breathe, spits up A LOT unless you let him sleep afterwards, and sounds really congested at night (sleeps propped up in his swing...mommy doesn't have it swinging because she doesn't want to have to break that habit but he needs to sleep propped up). His doctor says all babies have reflux to some degree and that if it starts to really bother him let her know and she will try to make it better. Hopefully he will be fine and in a couple months will have outgrown it. Fingers are crossed because I'm not sure I have enough burp clothes to keep up with this little guy. Haha.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's Happening to My Baby?

What is happening to my baby? It seems like ever since summer has started Austin is growing by the minute. David and I love the stage that he is in (well we have loved all the stages) but we are really enjoying this one. I almost cried last night when David said, "He is getting so big. Can't he just stay like this for awhile?" It is so true. It truly seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital and now we have two! Man at this rate we are going to have to have 100 babies because then we would always have a baby around. Haha! Well I just had to add this post because Austin is looking so big these days that I just can't believe it.

Looking handsome with his new haircut.
Silly face!
Two of my favorite guys crashed on the couch.
(Look how much space Austin takes up these days.)
Oh my goodness! Gonna steal the girls' hearts one day.
(I dressed him in his clothes but he left the room and came back with his hat, glasses on his hat (like daddy), and hand in his pocket. Too cute!)
Sleeping in a diaper and undies.
(We got to hot last night so hoping this makes us more comfortable.)
PS- Austin please stop growing up so fast! Love, Mommy and Daddy
(Monthly photo of Austin- 26 months old here. Looking like a boy and not a baby anymore.)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I just love my life (especially my boys)!

Okay I was going to wait to make another post after our doctor's appointment Friday but couldn't resist some of these photos. Haha. I just can't get over how much Hunter smiles. He is such a cutie pie! Enjoy the pictures.

Mom what's with all the pictures? Seriously.
Okay, I guess I can give you another smile.
I'm a professional now. I'm 2 months old.
Not sure his cheeks are big enough to hold his smile.
Just another day with mom doing a photo shoot.
Could he be any happier?
No. I don't think so. Such a big smile for such a little guy.

Oh and Austin has started to want his picture taken if Hunter is having his taken. I decided to teach Austin how to make a silly face. Haha!
Austin's silly face.
Another silly face.
Hunter's silly face. (Now he doesn't want to be left out.)

We're moving to the lake!

So it's official we are moving to the lake. Haha. Just kidding! I have to start this post by saying that because we went out to our friends lake house Saturday and stayed the night and both Austin and Hunter slept like champs. Austin who normally is up anywhere between 5:30-6:00 woke up at 7 and Hunter who normally sleeps for 4-5 hours slept for a little over 7!!! Austin had been out to their lake house before but this was Hunter's first trip. It was fun this year because Austin and his buddy Chance are bigger and played together. Austin also had a blast "swimming" in the pool. (We've decided we need to take him swimming more often to teach him how to swim.) We are so glad that the summer has just begun because we said we need to get together more often.

The kids waiting for their daddies to get back from going out on the boat. Too cute! (Austin is the one in just his diaper. Couldn't dress him and take care of Hunter. Haha. Picture isn't that great but it was too cute not to capture.)
Daddy and Austin going down the slide.
(Austin even went by himself a couple times.)
Daddy and Austin swimming.
(As you can see Austin wanted to keep swimming. No time to stop and take pictures these days.)
Austin playing in the pool.
Hunter relaxing pool side.
Hunter catching some Zzzz's.
I can't wait till I can play with the boys in the pool!
Austin and his buddy Chance.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Storytime at the Library

So I was trying to decide if I was just crazy or dumb for wanting to take both Austin and Hunter to storytime. I must say I was neither! Both boys did GREAT! We went a couple times last year to storytime but during those times Austin could not yet walk which changes things a little this time around. Haha. I have been thinking lately that we need to take Austin places where he needs to listen to another adult so that when he goes to "school" at the high school he won't make a complete full of us and our last name. Haha! He wouldn't want to be sent to the principals office...oh wait yes he would because that is where Coach is at (David's dad). Well I must say I think we will be going back again this summer. Austin enjoyed it and even got to make a craft. Hunter enjoyed it and even fell asleep. Both boys were crashed when I pulled in the driveway. Who knew storytime would wear you out?

Hunter and Austin listening to the story.
Austin making his 'craft'.

Priceless Home Decor

It is great now that summer is here. I am trying to find things for Austin to do so that we don't just sit around the house all day. I think he and I both would go a little crazy. Haha. So for our first adventure we went to Michael's so that we could buy a canvas to hang in our living room. Every year Austin paints a painting on a canvas that is an 8x10. Last years really turned out well considering he only used his hands but I must say I kind of like it better than this years. Haha. This year he used paint brushes but he kept telling me he wanted more paint which I was not going to put a stop to his creativity so I listened to the artists' request. Needless to say when he was all done all the colors sort of went together and became one nice color. Oh well! It is his artwork and he was proud of it so mommy loves it (I just like last years a little better). So in learning from this years painting when I decided to have Austin make a large painting on canvas for our living room I decided I would use my hair dryer to dry each color before starting the next. Austin didn't seem to mind, he got to use the colors he wanted, and mommy LOVES how it turned out.

A trip to Michaels with two kids: interesting. Especially since there shopping carts are half the size of normal ones. Haha!
A large canvas to paint on: $12.50
A painting made by your own child: PRICELESS!

Austin, Hunter, and I shopping for our materials.
The first coat.
The finished product hanging above our couch in the living room. (I painted his hands black to use his handprints as a border around the picture for a frame.)
A close up.

Life's Little IMPORTANT Life Lessons...

You know it's funny after taking these pictures and seeing them I was thinking what could the title of this post be. It's funny how little things make the world go round for little ones. I think we can learn so much from them. I like to think that I am the type of person that doesn't rush through life. I stop and enjoy the little things. I like to think that I have a pretty good understanding of what really matters in life and at the top of my list is keeping my family happy! I love that it is now summer time because so far Austin has reminded us of a few little important life lessons...

ONE: It doesn't really matter what you wear as long as you enjoy what your doing while wearing it. (Austin dressing himself these days includes shoes and his gloves. He usually also has a hat.)
2. You are NEVER to old to have a pillow fight. (First time teaching Austin how to have a pillow fight.)
He got the hang of it really quick!
3. Sometimes things just taste better right from the container. Don't wait for a special occasion SPLURGE when you want to. (Austin will stand like this every morning by Daddy if he is making his coffee. Haha!)