Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hunter's First Bites!

Tonight we gave Hunter his first bites of rice cereal. He seemed to like it! Below are some pictures of the big event and a short video.

From Hunter's perspective (aka the iPhone shots):

Mommy gave me rice cereal tonight and I liked it...
then Austin told me a secret: he told me that he remembered that stuff and it was kind of bland so he was going to add something to it to make it taste better so...
I distracted them with my cute smile while Austin did his work...
I love the way my big brother thinks!
I almost cleaned my entire bowl except mommy wouldn't let me have the goldfish this time.
Video footage (the short video clip):
Oh and while daddy is trying to capture the moment he is dealing with Austin climbing up his back and onto his shoulders. Haha! I guess he wanted to get a better look at what was going on.
Yes this picture is upside down but I thought it was cute because David took it during Austin's climbing antics.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Camo Brothers!

So in honor of Uncle Mike's birthday I decided to dress the boys in their camo outfits. The overalls Hunter is wearing was actually a gift from Uncle Mike when Austin was a baby. Enjoy the photos we took doing their 'photo session'.

Austin thinking: I have a pretty cool brother.
Hunter thinking: Ya I'm cool!
Austin tired of taking pictures. Haha!
Austin with a very cute smile! New favorite of him.
The closest picture I got of the two of them smiling.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Favorites in July...

I really don't have anything to blog about with these pictures but couldn't resist posting them. Here are some of my favorites of my boys taken recently...enjoy!

Hunter doing what he does best...SMILE!
Hunter's outfit says it all "Future Mr. Right!"
Hunter just chilling in his big brother's chair while he runs around and plays.
Austin picking a bouquet for his momma or maybe just killing the plant by pulling off the buds.
It looks sweet though right? Haha!
Austin likes to dress himself these days. What you don't see in the picture is that he has on two other shirts for a total of three which explains the marshmallow look. Haha! I chose a short sleeve tank top but he wanted to wear his UT football jersey on top of that and then his UT t-shirt which you see in the picture. And of course to top of his look fuzzy bear slippers. Why not? I mean it's only mid July.

Brothers you think?

It amazes me sometimes how much Austin and Hunter look alike (well when Austin was his age). I really don't notice it until I compare photos. Look at these two...can you tell who is who?

Answer: Hunter, Austin, Hunter, Austin.

I couldn't resist adding this picture to the post! It's my new favorite of the two boys together. They are my world and I love them to pieces!
Found this new cool website that allows you to create a slideshow of photos. Check out my favorites of these two growing up and the brotherly love they have for one another.

Daddy Daycare!

This summer David has had a few "boys nights" and one "boys day". I always love coming home and seeing what has taken place. Haha! It always brings a smile to my face. David is a great daddy and Austin and Hunter are very lucky to have the dad they do. I think Austin really made David into a daddy but Hunter made it comfortable. I guess what I mean is that with Austin especially when he was a baby David really didn't think he could do much or he was always afraid he would do it wrong (or maybe that was his excuse...haha). Anyways, David with Hunter is so fun to watch. Hunter really loves his daddy as does Austin. I decided that I needed to dedicate a post to David and his daddy daycare moments after going to lunch with a friend the other day and coming home to this...

Sorry it's blurry but he said I could take his picture but not sure he really wanted me to as he knew it would probably end up on here. Sorry babe! (I really wish I had my phone set to movie mode as I walked in the door because they were dancing too!)
Austin wearing his matching hat and holding onto the toy that played the music.
David giving Hunter his first bottle. He was going to have to bathe and feed both boys this night while I had a girls night so he was practicing during the afternoon.
Hunter was asleep in our room when I came home and this is how Austin was sleeping. Haha! Yes sprawled all out on the couch about to fall off. Gotta love it!

Splish Splash the Boys are in the Bath!

I can NOT believe that the boys can take a bath together now. Where has the time gone? I thought that Hunter was going to be my 'baby' for awhile especially being born at 5lbs. 9oz. but that has not been the case at all. Unlike his brother who loved to sleep Hunter loves to eat. Last night we weighed him and he was a little over 13lbs. Austin was just 12lbs. when he was 4 months old. Haha! Well tonight we put them in the bath together because come this fall when it's just me and the boys because daddy is gone coaching I won't have time for two separate baths. Both boys did really good! Austin was playing in the tub like he normally does and splashing so we had to tell him that he couldn't do that with Hunter in there. Here are a few of my favorites. I must say getting a good picture of both your kids at the same time is a trick.

Hunter looking so proud and excited to take a bath with his big brother!
Hunter is always watching what his brother does.
This could be bad. Haha!
Bubble boys!
Finally getting Austin to cheese,
but Hunter is looking at the toys floating in the tub.

Tricycle! Tricycle!

Austin loves riding his 'bike' as he likes to call it.
So I meant to make this post awhile back when Austin learned how to ride his tricycle. He has gotten really good at it lately. I think I can speak for both David and I in saying we feel blessed that we have the summer to spend with our boys! I wonder what tricks we will be teaching Austin next summer and Hunter I am sure will want to join in on the fun too!
Oh and sometimes when we are outside we hear the music truck...aka the ice-cream truck. We tell Austin it is the music truck or else every time he hears the truck he would be asking us for ice-cream. Yes I know we could tell him the whole truth and when he asks just tell him no but mommy would want ice-cream too and it's hard for me to turn it down. Haha.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Guess whose 3 months old?

Can you believe that it has already been 3 months since Hunter was born? I sure can't! It feels like yesterday we were at the hospital delivering him. The little guy weighing in at the whopping 5lbs. 9oz. He has come a long way since then! We had to go to the doctor this past Tuesday to get some medicine to see if it would help his reflux. He is not a unhappy reflux baby by any means. He can spit up his entire meal (can only imagine what he would be weighing if he didn't do this) and it doesn't phase him he continues to smile and play. Austin is sure to let me know when he does if I am not in the room. He says "Baby spit." Sometimes he will even run over and clean him off with the burp cloth. Such a good big brother. At the doctor he weighed 12lbs. 4oz. (3 months old) and Austin at 4 months weighed 12lbs. 5oz. so I am thinking Hunter is plumping up for when he is mobile to tackle his big brother. I can't wait for those days seeing them run around playing together. Hunter is still not on any schedule which is starting to freak me out a little bit considering I go back to work in about a month. I was talking to one of his teachers today telling her and I said I am afraid I'm going to drop him off the first day and say, "Play it by ear. He isn't on any schedule." Haha! Oh lord I hope that doesn't happen. It will be hard enough leaving my little guy let alone leaving him and sitting in a staff development not being able to look at the clock thinking okay now he is taking a nap, now he is having a bottle probably. Haha! I won't have a clue unless he starts being somewhat consistent. Anyways had to brag about my little guy who is starting to becoming a big boy (can't yet brag about his sleeping habits but hoping one day soon I will be able to)!

Hey Mom! Guess what? I'm RAD like DAD!
Oh no Mom! I'm naked!
3 Month Photo
Hunter's conversation with Mom about when he grows up...
Hunter playing in his excersaucer smiling and talking...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I love this little guy!

It is hard to believe that almost three months ago Hunter was born. It really seems like he has always been a part of our family! I guess that is how it was with Austin too. You don't remember your life before kids. I must say that Hunter is so happy. He is ALWAYS smiling and ALWAYS talking. This morning he even scared me because instead of his normal grunting and moaning due to his wanting to break out of his swaddle and his reflux he was talking. Freaked me out but was so cute! I walked over to him and he was just talking and eating his hands. I think he was saying, "Man these hands sure do taste good but I could use some real food too Mom!" Anyways below are just a couple pictures of our little man being himself!

Smiling in the morning in his pj's...such a cutie!

Hanging out on the bed after naptime with mom having the best time while...

the big boys finished their nap in the living room on the couch.

Are we CRAZY?

Well on Wednesday Austin got his second big boy bed. Haha! I guess I should say Austin got his second and Hunter got his first. Yes believe it or not Austin already had a big boy bed but we decided to go ahead and get the bed we really wanted the kids to have but at the time didn't want to spend the money on. We went on Monday to Rooms-to-Go to look at the bunk bed and an entertainment center for our living room and ended up just getting the bunk bed. We had both boys with us so it was quite interesting to say the least. Haha! I have to admit David is so different and more relaxed now having two kids. Yes I used the word relaxed and David in the same sentence. Hard to believe I know. Well Austin of course wanted to hang out in the Rooms-to-Go Kids store so David and I took turns going and looking at the entertainment centers. Austin kept climbing up and sitting on the top bunk so we knew we had to get it. I guess you could say he was telling us we were making the right choice. As we are driving home David says, "Man that was an adventure.
Referring to the craziness of buying furniture with two kids. One who is 2 and ALL over the place and one who is almost 3 months old and was in a dirty diaper and hungry and crying as we are trying to pay and set up the delivery date. Anyways, he goes on to tell me that a little girl inside saved him as I took Hunter outside to try to calm him down. He then tells me that a little girl saw he was having 'troubles' with Austin and so the little girl sits down on the bench near them and David says, "Look she wants you to sit by her." (Again of course it is the girls who are the little "moms" and do what they are supposed to but thankfully this one wanted to be the "mom" for Austin.) So Austin goes and sits down by her and starts petting her hand David said. I asked, "Was she cute?" Haha. Like it matters she was keeping him in one place, but David says, "Ya, she was a cutie!" When he said that I thought to myself: Aww he said cutie...who knows maybe one day he will be saying that about our daughter. Although I would be fine and happy with another boy.'s a picture of his new bed and one day bedroom set that he and Hunter will share. You can't tell but on the left hand side is stairs for him to get to the top bunk. That's what sold us...we thought it was pretty cool and so does Austin!
And yes we did buy this for our son who like I mentioned in the previous post likes to jump off everything. We have been really good about letting him know the only thing you do on the top bunk is go night night. I'm thinking maybe he understood as today he brought all of the pillows from the bottom bunk up to the top along with the monster bean bag. Haha!

Boys will be Boys!

It is hard to believe it has been so long since I last posted but I guess that is what happens when you are on summer vacation enjoying time with the boys. I must say Austin is a handful these days and is CRAZY! He's newest thing is that he wants to jump off of EVERYTHING. I guess it doesn't help that daddy does it too! I was in our bedroom feeding Hunter and putting him to bed and when I was done this is what I walked into in Austin's bedroom. Lovely right? Haha! I just laughed.
Austin catching daddy jumping off the 'toybox'.
It is so funny just watching Austin because he has so much energy that he finds anything and everything to do whether it is safe of not. Haha. God bless his 'teachers' come this fall. I think when I drop him off the first day I will need to give them a first aid kit and a big box of band-aids. They have two boys as well so they might have a stock pile but with taking care of a total of 6 boys this fall I'm thinking they could use some more. The other night Austin was jumping like normal but this time not off anything just jumping in the air and making himself fall. He of course was putting on a "show" and he jumped up and 'fell' but busted his lip open which of course bleed and caused a few tears.

Austin entertaining himself while I am feeding Hunter on the couch.
Again with the jumping...
I think people need to start praying for me now. Haha! I'm living in a house with 3 boys...4 counting one of our dogs. I can only imagine what our future is going to include...thinking a few broken bones, some stitches, and who knows what else. I must say though I have loved having a boy and now having two! He has A LOT of energy to say the least but he is so much fun! I can only imagine what next summer will be like when Hunter is joining in on all the fun.