Sunday, October 2, 2011

I've Been Dying to Share the News That...

We're pregnant! We always said that we would have 3 kids and it is finally in the works. I think Austin was ready before daddy was which was super sweet to see. Austin would ask for his "baby" to go night-night with him during naptime. If this doesn't melt your heart or let you know it's time I don't know what will. So sweet!

Austin sleeping with his "baby".
(Notice this was taken before we said bye to his "mimi")
I never had a sense so strong with the boys but August 2nd I told David I bet you we are pregnant. Since I had a feeling so soon I started taking pregnancy tests right away but it wasn't until August 13th we officially found out with our first positive test.

Woo hoo! We're pregnant...again!
We had our first appointment September 12 and saw our precious baby moving on the screen. The best part we saw and heard the heartbeat! We will not be finding out the gender this time as we said with our last we would let it be a surprise so we will see. I have been feeling completely different this time...aka feeling sick A LOT and getting sick. The Chinese calendar says it is a girl and it was right with the boys both time. Guess we will have to wait till around April 23rd to find out :)

Austin and Hunter wearing their reveal shirts...
This Little All-Star is going to be a Big Brother!

The day we said bye to Austin's "mimi"...

July 22 we finally had Austin let go of his "mimi" aka his pacifier. We had many times that we had talked about it and then Hunter came along and we thought it would be nice to have something to give to Austin when we needed to while we had to tend to Hunter when he was little. I must say it worked like magic. Austin was always a completely different child with his mimi in his mouth. This year though he was starting pre-school and they couldn't have pacifiers so we had to get rid of it before school started. I had an idea of taking him to Build-a-Bear to put it inside a stuffed animal so he could still have it close to him and then getting him a big lollipop for being such a big boy. I must say he did great. Naptime was hard that afternoon but overall for how long he had it and how much it was a comfort thing for him he did great. He didn't nap as long or go to bed as easy (still doesn't) but he is officially a big boy now! I wish I would have had a video recorder to record the looks I was getting walking with him through the mall. I could read the other parents' faces..."Is that mom crazy?" or "Can you say spoiled?" I wanted to say stop looking at me like that he gave up his pacifier today and this is his special day.

Video of Austin letting go of his "mimi" sweet!
(I could tell the worker was nervous when I asked Austin to put it inside. I think he was expecting tears. I must say I was very proud!)

Austin with his rewards for being a big boy!
I told you we had to get a BIG lollipop. He picked it up and ate it while walking through the mall...yes it made a huge mess but he was happy and there were no tears.
Sleeping with his new worked!