Sunday, August 16, 2009

Austin's Secret...

So Daddy finally let Austin share the secret he has been having for a week now...Austin is going to be a BIG BROTHER!! Daddy had initially wanted us to wait till we went to the doctor but after some convincing Daddy also decided that he wanted to share the news too so this weekend we set out with Austin for him to reveal his big news. We are so excited and can't wait to see Austin love on his little brother or sister which will arrive in late April. Whenever Austin sees babies he gets so excited and runs up to them. It's funny because he actually saw a baby Friday night when we were out to eat waiting for our table and the baby "was" sleeping in its car seat until Austin ran over excited and squealed. Below are a couple pictures we took of Austin with how he shared his secret to our families...

Austin what are you going to be?
"I'm going to be a BIG BROTHER!"
Where is the baby Austin? "In your belly!"
What are you going to give the baby? "Kisses!"

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our Little School Boy...

So today when I went to Walmart I decided that Austin needed a backpack for "school" (also we needed a smaller diaper bag to bring places) so I picked him up a little backpack that says Mr. Strong.  Of course I had to try it out on him and I have to say that he looked SOOO CUTE!!  He really looked like a toodler and not a baby.  I still can't get over how fast time has flown by!  Here are just a couple pictures I took of him wearing his new backpack.

What do you think Mom?  Do I look like a big boy?
  Wait Mom!  I forgot to give you a kiss!
  Okay!  Now I'm ready!

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Cool Website!

Alright so since I now found this new cool website and Austin decided to take two naps today I got to make another scrapblog.  I have to say if scrapbooking were this easy I would be all caught up on everything with Austin but since really I think he has like four or five pages done in his book I might need to decided to make him a virtual scrapbook as it is so much easier and the pre-made templates are so cute and better than that they are FREE!  Here is one I made just messing around...

Summer 2009 tops the charts!

I have to say that this might be one of my favorite summers I have had because Austin did SO much!  Last summer was nice because all Austin did was sleep pretty much which meant mommy could sleep and rest from having a newborn and having 22 first graders.  This summer ranks at the top because nothing can beat being able to see his FIRST step, watching him learn how to stand by himself, watching him learn new words, and him teaching me and reminding me how blessed I am to be his mom has been wonderful!  Today I found this great website that allows you to make your own scrapbook page.  It is amazing!  I tried to capture of few favorites of mine this summer on the page.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A way to a boy's HEART is through his...

So this week Austin and I have been going up to school to mainly just visit with the other teachers as trying to get something accomplished clearly is not going to happen especially due to the classroom antics he knows.  So today we went up there and were there from 9-12:30.  I knew Austin was tired and so of course as we start to drive home he starts to fall asleep.  Well David and I both when this happens try to keep him awake.  We usually just say his name, tickle his leg, or clap our hands.  Today that was NOT working.  He was tired.  So since nothing was working and I mean I was even banging one of those hand clapper things and at first it woke him up but then it was like he tuned it out I decided to pull out his snack container.  As soon as he heard me shake it he popped awake and was wanting some.  Haha.  It was the funniest thing because it was not nearly as loud as any of the banging I was doing but he knows the sound of his snack container and what is inside.  So not sure exactly what it means if your child can sleep through banging, clapping, and tickling but wake up when he hears food...oh wait I know WE ARE RAISING A BOY!  Silly boys!  So for enjoyment purposes just thought I would a picture of Austin enjoying some ice-cream.  
"That was good what else you got?"

Monday, August 3, 2009

Austin's Classroom Antics...

Well since Daddy started back to work today and I didn't want to sit at home all day I decided that Austin and I would make another run up to school today to drop some stuff off and visit with people who were up at work.  Austin did very well and was even able to play with a friend for a little while.  Since Austin was doing so good I thought that I would go to my room to do some stuff while Austin "played".  Austin has been up to my classroom before this summer and it didn't go very well because I probably spent more time picking up after him and chasing him around making sure he didn't draw on the walls than actually working.  This time Austin figured out how to climb onto the couch in my classroom which he has already discovered how to do at home but now is an expert to say the least.  Let's just say that while I was emptying the Walmart bag full of crayons I look over and he has not only gotten back up on the couch but found a way to climb from the couch to the counter.  I guess it is the fact that Austin never seems to surprise me these days with his antics that I got out my phone to take his picture before I got him down.  He truly blows me away sometimes with what he can figure out...I'm not surprised because I know he is smart it just is surprising that he is only 15 months old and already has things figured out.  I think we should be worried about what is to come!  Anyways, here he is sitting on the counter going through some stuff.  What will he do next?
Hey Mom!  I thought I would help you organize the stuff on your counter.
I think that you should put this in the basket.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our "baby" is starting to look like a BIG BOY

So today I decided to dress Austin in a big boy outfit for church.  It was one of those things as a mom that you wanted him to wear the outfit because it was cute but I was really kind of hoping that it wouldn't fit because then he could still be a "baby".  Well it wasn't too big and actually the shorts he may only be able to wear for a couple more months if that which is a shame because they are very cool.  But since Austin loves food and always likes to eat the waist may not expand like his belly has been lately.  Haha.  We took some pictures of him outside sitting on a bench and I have to say that our "baby" is starting to really become a BIG BOY.

Mommy I'm smiling hurry and take the picture!
Oops!  Too late I see a bird!
I think if I took off really fast Mommy and Daddy wouldn't catch me.