Saturday, September 20, 2008

Austin is Five Months Old...

I never would have guessed that I would get to spend the day with Austin when he turned 5 months but as you have seen from the video's David took of Hurricane Ike it was quite a storm and cancelled school for a week.  We actually got very lucky because we didn't have any damage to the house except for our front baby tree getting pulled up from the ground.  We were only without power from 3:22 A.M. Saturday and got power back at 1:10 A.M. Sunday.  For myself and I think David would agree somewhat also Hurricane Ike was sort of a blessing because we got to spend the week with Austin.  It was especially nice to watch Austin and David spend time together.  Austin really loved having his daddy around and would give him the biggest smiles.  Being a mom is amazing and seeing your husband be a dad is also wonderful.  I have loved watching the two of them together this week (they are my two favorite men in the world).  I am hoping that this blessing of getting to spend the last 10 days with Austin won't make him have to rough of a time going back to school but I am trying to prepare myself for when I pick him up Monday the teacher telling me it was a hard day for him (which breaks my heart).  This week off has made me so excited about the other holidays we are going to get to spend together and the summer!  I know the school year just started but I would be lying if I said I can't wait for summer time.  I don't mean that in a negative way because the class I have this year is wonderful.  I just love spending time with Austin and seeing him explore his world.

Hurricane Ike Video Part Four

During this footage you will see the excitement of getting power back and Austin walking with assistance to Daddy.

Hurricane Ike Video Part Three

During this footage you will see what it was like after the storm passed and Austin discovering a flashlight.

Hurricane Ike Video Part Two

During this footage you will see our "safe room" and what David believes is getting bunkered in.  You will have to excuse the darkness of some of the footage but the commentary is funny.

Hurricane Ike Video Part One

During this video footage you will see the "calm before the storm" and Austin's new trick of sucking his thumb.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

How Fast They Grow Up...

It is hard to believe that almost five months ago Austin was born because he has changed so much since then.  Five months doesn't seem very long but the things he can do just surprise me daily.  Austin from the day he was born was a strong one (it's those collegiate genes his mom gave him...haha) and now he can sit up by himself.  He has been wanting to sit up for awhile because if you put him in his car seat or bouncy sit he would always lean himself forward.  He never can relax (he gets that from his daddy).  I just find it so amazing that he is now eating from a spoon, sitting up, and talking a lot more.  He truly is amazing!  I can't wait to see him learn everything!  It has been so fun these last few months and I am looking forward to a lifetime of memories with him and one day more little ones!  Babies are truly a gift from GOD and I don't know what gift could be any greater!  David and I both feel so blessed having Austin in our lives.  He truly makes everyday wonderful!  Just to see him look at you and smile is amazing.

Eating like a BIG BOY!!

Tonight I decided to feed Austin in his highchair and he did perfect!  I don't know what David and I have done in our lives to deserve such a perfect child but Austin just couldn't be any better.  We have been eating from a spoon for a couple weeks now and have now begun to let him try things other than cereal and he loves it all.  So far we have had bananas, sweet potatoes, and squash.  After we finished eating our cereal and squash tonight I decided to give Austin the spoon to play with.  It is amazing how someone so little can just entertain you for hours!  Haha.