Sunday, July 26, 2009


I feel blessed in so many ways because of the life I get to live.  I probably have one of the greatest jobs in the world...teaching first grade!  The kids just love school, tell the funniest stories, and remind you about how fascinating our world is.  I also am a mother to Austin who as you all know is one of the coolest and cutest kids you will come across.  I feel blessed because I get to be a part of 20+ kiddos during the school year and watch them grow and I get to watch my own little one grow and explore his world and the HUGE bonus is that I get a little over two months to spend with my family (because David is in the teaching world too) every summer!  What a life!  So since we live in Texas...YEE HAW...and the summers are hot we have to get a little wet and have a delicious snack of some sliced cold watermelon.  Here is a picture of the one and only enjoying his snack while sitting in the very affordable pool from Walmart!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Uh Oh! Not sure to be upset or proud...

Well Austin has always been a smart kiddo.  His "teachers" gave him a beach ball for his "gift" and he LOVES it.  I think that is what got him started walking actually.  Well besides his love of any type of ball what he loves most about the beach ball is to deflate the ball.  It is so funny because he will push his face into the ball and try to bite the plug and pull it out to deflate it.  Actually he is probably trying to blow it up but doesn't realize that when he opens the plug it lets the air out because he tries to bite the plug right after we blow it up for him.  He is always watching what we do and copies everything.  He even knows where to put dirty diapers.  Below are two pictures showing these two tricks!  I can't wait to see what else he figures out or gets into as he gets older.
Alright I know I can get that plug out! Mommy and Daddy do it all the time!
I guess toilet paper can go in the diaper genie too right?  Mommy puts my dirty diapers in there.

Austin and his FOOD!

Austin has always been a GREAT eater!  We have been very blessed in that Austin is not picky at all!  He will eat anything and everything.  He even likes leaves and dirt!  I probably have taken over 100 pictures of Austin eating because I just love watching him.  He sometimes can be very neat and other times can get a little messy.  He even now tries to use his fork.  He is becoming such a BIG BOY!  Here are a few pictures of him eating one of his favorites...grilled cheese, green beans, and milk to drink...

Here mommy, you can have some too! (Austin loves to share)
That's AMORE! (Austin must think I make the best grilled cheese.)
I think I can fit another bite in my mouth!  (Austin is constantly shoving his food in his mouth.  I think he must think that someone is going to take it.)
Austin trying to use his least he is trying to put the food on the fork.  A+ for effort!
Yay!  We got it!  

Family Vacation to Lake LBJ

For the past three summers we have gone out to our friends parents lake house out on Lake LBJ.  This year was extra fun because we always go with our friends Tim and Katie and also their friends from college Adam and Jennifer but now we all have baby boys!  So Austin got to play with his friend Ryan (Tim and Katie's son) and Chase (Adam and Jennifer's son).  This year Austin was the only "walker" so it was managable but next year they ALL will be walking and hopefully we will have another one with us!  Here are just a few pictures of the weekend...

The "annual" photo of us on the deck.
  Relaxing in Lake LBJ with mommy and daddy.
Swimming with the boys (Chase and Ryan) in the kiddie pool.


So Austin and I have been enjoying having the summer together and so that we actually get out of the house and do something I decided that we could do storytime at the library.  The first time we went he LOVED it.  I think it was because he got his own baggie of animal crackers.  Anytime he has food he is happy!  He was a PERFECT student and sat there and listened to the stories and songs!  Hopefully this carries on with him into his school years!

Austin is WALKING...

I always thought that when Austin was little he would be an early walker.  WRONG!  Haha.  I think I was wrong for a couple reasons.  ONE: Austin can be stubborn.  Wonder who he gets that from?  Well to be honest it's from both of us...oh joy the things we have to look forward to.  When he was young would let us guide him with our hands and he would move his feet but as he got older he wanted to do it alone (Mr. Independent...thanks to his momma).  TWO: Austin is smart and quickly learned that he could get places quickly with his one legged crab crawl.  Austin first took a few steps 8 to be exact June 10 and then June 23 he took 21 steps and became an "official" walker.  I have to say that it has been very cute being in another room and then coming to find him in another room walking around playing.