Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two BIG Cheeses!

As you ALL know Austin is quite a ham!  I have to say that everyday he truly adds years to my life as he makes me laugh out loud daily!  I don't know what I did before he was born but I have to say I truly feel blessed to be his mom!  I have to post a picture of the two of us because it might just be one of those pictures I will NEVER get tired of seeing!  I guess you might could figure out where he gets his BIG smile from?!?

Family Vacation Part Two: Wisconsin Dells

So after the family reunion we loaded up the van and drove onto the Wisconsin Dells.  Unlike the 100 plus degree temperatures back home...there the highs were in the 80s.  Yes, it was wonderful!  Austin had MANY firsts on his trip to the Dells!  He had his first adventure at a waterpark, first time to feed animals like giraffes, go on a camel ride, two boat tours, bowling, and a train ride.  We ALL had so much fun!  Here are just a few pictures as we took 249 of some of Austin's firsts...
Austin sitting in a swing at the waterpark.
Austin and Daddy feeding a giraffe.
Mommy, Daddy, and Austin going on a camel ride.
Austin going on a Duck Tour.
All Aboard!

Family Vacation Part One: The Colschen Family Reunion

So the three of us packed our bags and headed up north to Iowa along with Coach, Kay Kay, and Uncle Mike for the Colschen family reunion.  I have to admit that I was a little nervous as it was Austin's first plane ride but just like always he did GREAT!  He slept for the five minutes of take off and the five minutes of landing and was awake the entire flight there!  When we got there Austin got to meet his Great Grandpa Colschen for the first time.  It was very sweet to see them together.  I guess I now know why David was so close to his Grandpa (his Grandpa loved Austin!!).  We saw where Coach grew up (the house he lived in, the church he went to, the library he had to get books from before he could play, and of course the parks that he was responsible for mowing)!  Haha.  The reunion was at a big park called Eagle Point park and Austin played on the playground before the reunion started.  He climbed through tunnels and went down slides.  He loved it!  At the reunion he made a couple friends that he played ball with.  Haha.  What can we say we raised a friendly little guy!  Overall, the reunion was great and best of all we got to see family that we don't get to see all that often.  I am posting a few pictures from the first part of our family vacation!
Austin with Grandpa Colschen and Jackie.
Family photo at Eagle Pointe Park.
Austin crawling through the tunnels at the park.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well I guess it is bound to happen we you have your first child you go all out.  I am not sure if that is a good thing or not yet.  I am thinking though that when our second child comes around we will be saving lots of money.  Now if we have a girl then we won't be saving any money and my picture might need to be posted at all stores that sell clothing.  Haha.  I have to say there is so much more cute stuff out there for girls.  I was at Walmart the other day probably just to buy some groceries but always manage to make my way over to the baby department and baby shoes and they had the cutest little girls sandals.  I actually though to myself  about throwing up on them because then mom's of little girls wouldn't be able to buy them.  Haha.  Am I not horrible?  Being the kind hearted person that I am I didn't because who knows maybe one day I will get to be one of those moms.   But odds are that won't happen as there is only one girl on the Colschen side of the family tree which is fine because boys are lots of fun.  I am attaching a photo of Austin with all of his ride on toys.  Haha.  I think that there should be a baby version of MTV cribs because Austin would be a great person for the show.  Haha.  He could show them his 3 ride on toys, 3 strollers, his fridge that has his favorite snack CHEESE in it, his sippy cups with water and milk,  his cabinet full of snacks.  Wow you would think we had more than one child...haha!  Oh well we LOVE him and I guess that is what you do when you love someone...you get them gifts.  It's funny because I will NEVER buy things for myself but have no problem buying for Austin or David.  Why is that?  I actually tried to go shopping for myself yesterday and ended up leaving with four shirts for David.  Oh well...at least my family gets spoiled by me!  I LOVE my boys!

New Tricks!

It is amazing how quickly Austin is changing these days.  It seems like everything is happening all at once.  Now let me first say we are still not walking but everything else is "clicking" in Austin's head as he is figuring out his world more everyday.  He know how his PROUD smile as I like to call it that he does when he stacks his blocks or does anything else he is proud of.  It is funny because I brought a picture of him to work before school got out and told my class about it and when their parents came for the ice cream party you could hear them say that is his proud smile.  So cute!  Austin also know after he goes potty in his diaper if you say, "Do you want a clean diaper?" will crawl to the bathroom.  (Could this mean we might be an early potty trainer?  Let's cross our fingers.  As long as we are potty trained by 3!)  Also if he is sleepy and you say, "Do you want to take a nap?" will crawl to his bedroom.  I am not sure what we have done but Austin truly has been an amazing kid and continues to blow us away and make us laugh.  We are so excited about the summer and watching him continue to learn about his world.  Watch out world...here Austin comes!! I am also attaching the photo of his "proud" smile.  I forgot to say that he also does it sometimes when he knows he is being a ham.  He is such a funny guy!