Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cutest Boy in the World

If this face is not the cutest face in the world I don't know what is.  I think most people would agree with me though because Saturday night David and I took Austin with us to go rent some movies and out to eat for some Mexican food and people approached us in both places and said that he was so cute.  Sunday we were out to eat with my parents at Denny's for breakfast and again people just loved him.  What can we say...he gets his looks from his mom and dad!  Haha. 

Boys will be Boys

I must say that Austin is truly becoming a boy and is not a baby anymore.  He will now get into anything and everything.  He is so fun to just sit and watch because he really has an imagination.  Well his new tricks this week were learning how to crawl out the doggy door and squeezing into the squares on the bookshelf.  Austin has always been one that loves to be outside.  When he was a baby if he was crying we could take him outside and he would almost instantly stop.  Well earlier this week Austin was watching the dogs go in and out of the doggy door like he normally does but he really seemed to be watching and this time thinking to himself.  "It's not fair that the dogs get to go outside whenever they want.  I think I want to be able to do that."  And not but maybe five minutes later was he crawling out the doggy door and then exploring our back porch and deck.  He this weekend discovered the squares on the bookshelf when one of his balls went through one of the squares and he needed to get it.  It is like if David take our eyes off of him for two seconds he has gotten into something new.  Haha.  Austin is becoming such a fun kid and he truly makes David and I's lives filled with laughter.